Reverence - Fearless Teaching #14

Reverence is a deep respect for God that is often accompanied by obedience to God's will.

Introduction: I believe this series of studies will help us be stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. A key idea throughout this series is to be fearless (i.e., in relation to this world) and faithful (i.e., in relation to God’s will). This series of teachings is based on the above mentioned book (By Max Lucado. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2009).

The format of the teaching will feature summary highlights of the chapter, some discussion questions and points, and pastoral comments. Students are encouraged to purchase the book; however, these class notes will be sufficient for the intended studies.

Chapter Fourteen – The One Healthy Terror

Summary Highlights -

- Fear of God Getting Out of My Box (see Matthew 17:6-7). Jesus doesn't fit comfortably into our boxes of understanding (see Mt. 17:1-8). We ought to have a healthy fear or reverence for God (vs. 6).

- "When Christ is great, our fears are not (p. 169; see Ps. 27:1)." "The longer we live in [H]im, the greater [H]e becomes in us (p. 170)."

- The conclusion of the book urges us to keep fear from causing us to be a part of a stampede. Courage doesn't panic; it prays. There is an impressive number of examining, exposing, and battling fear questions given for each chapter.

Discussion Questions and Points –1. Discuss how you have discovered that God doesn't always fit into your boxes of understanding.

2. Discuss what you believe “a healthy fear or reverence for God” means.

3. Discuss how the following statement impacts you: "When Christ is great, our fears are not."

Pastoral Comments –
- Most of the things that we fear should not be feared. However, one thing or person to be feared is God. To fear God is to reverence Him. The best way to demonstrate our fear is not by our continuous bowing in prayer or reading of our big church Bibles. The best way to demonstrate that we really fear the Lord is by obeying Him.

Let's work on reverently obeying God. This type of obedience should be noted for accepting Jesus as savior by faith. It should be known for loving God and others, as we love ourselves. It should be known for having more faith in God and His promises than having fear in what may happen in this world.

Conclusion: It is my prayer that this material has not simply been interesting. The hope is that you have prayerfully studied it and engaged in some serious soul searching. The ultimate aim is for us to be doers of God’s will – mature disciples of Christ.

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921391: Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without FearFearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear
By Max Lucado / Thomas Nelson

Fear is like an invisible prison. It holds you captive, influencing your choices and perceptions about life, God, and other people. Can you imagine what your life would be like without fear? With so much going wrong in the world it can seem hard to picture. In Fearless, Max Lucado author of 3:16: The Numbers of Hope, and pastor of Oak Hills Church, shows you how life can be lived with confidence and joy, when you replace your fear with faith. Let this inspiring and timely message encourage your heart today!

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