Relationship Troubles are Common

Relationship troubles or trials, as used here, is a reference to the discomfort we experience in our relationships. Conflict and lack of satisfaction are in view.

In James 1:12, James has his readers to understand that believers are likely to have some trials that they are called to endure with hope in the promised crown of life.

The key idea throughout this series of devotionals is that we should remember that the crown is greater than the enduring of the trials.

In this devotional, let's focus on relationship trials. Children can be the source of so much heartache. You teach, train, and share your life story, hoping that they would learn from your mistakes and live by lessons you have learned.

And yet too many of our children minor in education and major in peer approval. Too many fail school but pass being “cool.” Many of us dream of our children being featured in Ebony or Jet Magazine for the positive things that they are doing.

Thank God not even most, but, yet, too many of our young people leave their home training and become drug addicts, prisoners, and disrespectful expenditures to society, instead of upstanding assets.

Parents have been the source of relationship trials for too many. There are too many molesting fathers and momma’s boyfriends. There are too many momma’s looking the other way, while girls and boys are being sexually molested under their roof.

If we understood the financial, self-esteem, or fearful considerations, we may be a little more sympathetic. But it would do little to lessen the trial of being in such relationships.

On top of the parent and child relationships are gender trials. There are too many abusive men and gold digging women. And on top of this, we have extended family issues with cousin “June Bugs” and uncle Leroys (smile). Relationship troubles are abundant.

Even though, we will revisit this point, I need to say it now. The crown and blessings that God has for His people are greater than the relationship drama and trials that we may be facing right now.

Not only can God bless us with more stable and satisfying relationships, but the people of God are headed to a land where there are no more tears, no more arguments, and no more fussing and fighting. Somebody ought to say, "Lord thank You!"

Self ExaminationList some of the relationship troubles that you are experiencing.

If you don't have any or have very few, give God some praise for that.

How does God's promise of blessing us in a way that makes up for our trials help you cope with your relationship troubles?

PrayerGreat and awesome God, the God who sticks closer than a brother, when others have left me alone, it is to thee that I pray.

Thank You for the loved ones that I have and the precious memories of those who are gone on. The good far out weights the bad. Thank You for the hope of my relationships getting better and the assurance that the best is yet to come.

I confess that I have not always behaved as if I trust You. Sometimes I have complained and doubted, as someone who does not believe that there are crowns after my trials. Please forgive me for this and my many other sins.

Please help me to live a life that is pleasing to You, in spite of my relationship troubles. Thank You for doing what is best, in Jesus' name, amen.

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