Recognized by a Canaanite Woman

(Matthew 15:21-28 Dr. Baines, Jr. 2/2020)

Introduction: A key idea in today's lesson is that Jesus healed a Gentile woman, as an exception to His focus on the Jews. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to minister as God leads us, even if it takes us away from what we were focusing on."

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Read: Matthew 15:21-28

Summary Highlights: Jesus is approached by a Canaanite woman. She pleads for Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter. When He did not answer her, His disciples urged Him to send her away.

Jesus talked about being sent to the lost sheep of Israel, not to others. The woman persisted in her requests. Jesus talked about how the children's bread is not to be given to the dogs, a reference to the privileged position of the Jews above that of the Gentiles.

The woman replied with great faith, as she talked about how even the dogs or pets can eat some of the crumbs under the master's table. Jesus commended her for her faith and healed her daughter.

Key Points:
1. People problems. Notice in vs. 22 that a lady had problems with the devil causing harm to her child......Let's be mindful that people have real problems.

2. Distracting church folk. Notice in vs. 23 that the disciples were almost a distraction to the ministry that Jesus was focusing on.......Let's work on not being distracted by secondary issues.

3. Distracting problems. Notice in vs. 24 that Jesus had a mind to stay focused on His divine assignment......Let's focus on keeping God's priorities for our lives as our main focus.

4. Humble patient faith. Notice in vss. 25-27 that the woman demonstrated humble patient faith in God healing her child. Too often we are not humble enough in our requests. We can almost act like we are entitled to a miracle.

Too often we are impatient. We want our miracle right now. And then we can stop believing, as demonstrated by our behavior. Let's work on humble patient faith in God.

5. Trusting God whether He heals on doesn't. Notice in vs. 28 that God healed the daughter. .....Let's develop the faith needed to keep trusting and obeying God, even when He doesn't do what we want Him to do.

6. Being open to God's making an exception. Notice in vs. 28 that Jesus makes an exception. .....Let's be open to God's using us to extend mercy, in an exceptional way.

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