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Have You Taken The Preparatory Steps?

Preparatory steps, in this article, is a reference to those things that you should do before you get involved with drastic changes to your eating and exercise routines.

Just like we prepare our automobiles to take a trip, we must take some preparatory steps in taking care of our Christian health. The following are three essential steps that you should take, before you make drastic changes in your health care:

1. Where are you going? People make plans to take control of their health, after saying to themselves, “I am tired of the way my body looks,” and “I am tired of the way I feel.” However, many do not take the time to plan how they want to take control of their health.

When taking a road trip it is wise to know where your starting point is and where your final designation is, so you can chart your course. The same holds true with your health care.

2. Get a check-up. Before you start making drastic changes in your health practes, you should find out what shape you are in. Going to your doctor to get a thorough check-up is strongly advised.

Knowing what you can and cannot do, as it relates to exercising and dieting, will help you gain better control of your health. People with certain health conditions must alter the way they exert themselves and the way they eat.

Before you put a car on the road for a trip, routine test and procedures are done (e.g., oil change, tires check, windshield wipers check, lights check, tune up, etc.). We need to treat our bodies the same.

We don’t know what we are up against, until we get a check-up. So don’t just jump into a new exercise program or new diet, until you talk with your physician.

3. Do what’s best for you. Every exercise program and every diet is not suitable for everyone. After talking with your doctor, make sure you do what is best for you.

If you have not exercised in a while, don’t think you are going to immediately run a mile or do fifty push-ups. Everyone cannot eat a diet that consists of green leafy vegetables because of health conditions. Find out what you can do, and do that until you can do more.

When preparing for a road trip, you may ask others how they made it to a certain destination. The way they traveled may not be the best way for you. When taking control of your health, make sure you choose an exercise and diet plan that is best suited for you.

In summary, when beginning the journey to take control of your Christian health, make sure that you take proper preparatory steps. Remember, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Please complete the feedback form below.

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