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Physical Exercise: Three Warnings

Physical exercise is good for you. It helps to strengthen the body, improves the heart, reduces weight, reduces fat, burn calories, reduces the risk of several diseases, and helps us look great. But is it possible to do too much of a good thing?

Many like to do physical exercise because of the above reasons; however, some like it because of the endorphin rush they receive.

Whatís an endorphin rush? Endorphins are chemicals that naturally released during and after exercise that helps relieve pain, lift mood and control stress.

Some people start to exercise with healthy goals in mind, but somehow they lose focus. Below are three warnings to be familiar with regarding exercising too much.

1. Unrealistic goals. You should exercise to lose weight. Some people overexercise to speed up weight loss.

Media, that is television, magazines, internet, billboards, radio and the like and then peer pressure, that is our family, friends, and familiar have lead many into having unrealistic goals.

Some think they can lose a clothing size in one week if they start exercising two or three times a day every day. It is recommended by that a healthy adult should engage in moderate exercise at least thirty minutes five times a week.

See for more general information on exercising.

Remember if it took you months to put on that extra 20 pounds it will take time to lose it. Be realistic in your expectations and it will take away some of your stress.

2. Your body needs rest. The body needs to do some form of exercise but it also needs rest. Overexercising can lead to injuries like fractures and muscle strains.

Yes, there are ways to prevent injuries while exercising. It is important to maintain good posture, warm up, listen to your body, and stretch. These are a few ways to prevent injuries.

One great way to prevent injuries is to rest the body. This statement is not giving a person permission to be inactive for a few days in a row.

Have you ever took a break from exercising for three days and went back to your normal routine. It was probably much harder than the last time you attempt it.

The point is, when resting from your routine try not to be inactive more than two days. Cardio work outs can be done consistently for five to six days. However, it is recommended that you rest a day in between your weight routines.

Here is a suggested way to get your exercising in and rest your body. Monday through Friday do at least thirty minutes of a moderate to intense cardio routine.

Do your weights at least two days on opposite days. Tuesdays and Thursdays can be used as weight days and Saturdays can be a day for extras (cardio and/or weights).

3. Fads donít work. There are many fairy tale workouts or ways to do physical exercise and their are diets that just donít work. Some people think just doing weights will produce a healthy body.

Others think cadio alone will produce a healthy body. Others think dieting will produce the healthy body their looking for. It takes all three elements to produce a healthy body.

If you look in some peopleís basement it will look like a sports store. They go from one fad to another. They spend countless time and many dollars on products that donít produce speedy results.

Once again, remember it takes time and proper physical exercise to help you get to where you are trying to go with your health. For more tips on a healthy workout see

So remember, physical exercise is good, but it is possible to do too much of a good thing. Please remember the warnings of donít have unrealistic goals, your body needs rest, and fads donít work. Have fun with your physical exercise but donít over do it.

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