Physical Exercise: 3 Reasons People Injure Themselves

Physical exercise according to Body Fitness Health and as referred to in this article “is the process by which changes in the individual are bought about through movement experiences.”

Many people have engaged in or have contemplated beginning a physical exercise routine but have shied away because of fear of injury. In this article, we will look at three reasons why people injure themselves while exercising.

1. People who don’t warm up or stretch properly are more likely to injure themselves while exercising. One reason people injure themselves while exercising is not properly warming up and stretching before exercising.

Warming up is done to raise the body temperature, reduce the possibility of muscle and connective tissue injuries, helps the blood flow to muscles, and gets the body ready for the upcoming strenuous exercises. Stretching helps add flexibility and lengthen the muscle.

There is no secret to a good warm-up. Begin by exercising slowly for 3-5 minutes or until a light sweat starts. Then slowly stretch the muscles you will be using.

Some experts say to hold each stretch 15-30 seconds and others say 8 to 10 seconds. Make sure the stretch is done without bouncing.

2. People who only work out on the the week end are more likely to injure themselves while exercising. Being a "weekend warrior" increases your chance of exercising injuries.

Some people don’t do the recommended three to five days a week of exercising. They do nothing all week long and then try to get in all their workout hours over the weekend.

It is better to try to do a good 30 minutes every other day then try to do 90 minutes on a Saturday morning. Just learn how to manage your time and fit physical exercise into your weekly schedule.

3. People that don’t use proper form are more likely to injure themselves. Whether it is walking, jogging, being a student of a work out class, flexibility training, resistance training, or participating in sports, practicing proper form will help prevent exercise injury.

Even if you are not new to exercising, make sure you get a refresher on what the proper form is. The use of instructors, mirrors, personal trainers, and other methods will help you see your form and continue to do it correctly or improve your form. Normally, if it does not feel right, it is not the right form.

If a person is going to be successful in exercising, he/she must be aware of the three reasons people are injured while exercising. Be mindful of warming up and stretching, not being a weekend warrior, and practicing proper form will help prevent exercise injury.

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