Obadiah Ministry

(I Kings 18:3-7, 12, 16, Pas. Baines, Jr. 8/2017)

Introduction:: In this text, a man by the name of Obadiah serves as a linking agent between King Ahab and the Prophet Elijah. Obadiah was able to walk in both the world of the king and the prophet. He used his position and relationship with God to link the king and prophet for the advancement of God’s agenda.

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Key Points:

1. Thank God for Kings and Prophets. Notice in vss. 16 that Ahab was the king and Elijah was the prophet. Passages like Romans 13:1 and Hebrews 13:17 support the idea of God sending and using people to give leadership to both the community and the church.

Let’s live as if we are thankful for God sending leaders in both areas. This kind of living should be known for praying for those in positions of leadership and cooperating with what God is doing through them.

2. Thank God for people like Obadiah. Notice in vs. 16 that Obadiah was essentially a link between the king and prophet. He was familiar with the world of the king - he was the palace administrator. And he was familiar with the world of the prophet - he safeguarded 100 prophets and worshipped God from his youth (see vs. 12).

In like manner, there are people in our churches who live in both the world of the king and prophet. That is, they work in the community and are faithful in our churches.

If we are willing enough, people like Obadiah can help link the church and community, so we can do more with issues like educating our young people, preventing some of the mass incarceration of our people, and the terrible substance abuse issues that plague us.

Let’s work on being open to people like Obadiah linking the church and community. The church needs at least the taxes from the community, and the community needs the Jesus of the church.

3. Salvation. Passages like John 3:16 support the idea that everyone needs to be saved. Our churches ought to be known for helping people, especially those like Obadiah, understand that salvation comes only by accepting Jesus as one’s savior by faith.

Let’s work on helping people get saved, especially those who attend our churches. Here is where regular reviewing of the plan of salvation, keeping the plan of salvation in the bulletin, and the Membership Orientation Ministry fits in. 

4. Two chief commandments. Passages like Mark 12:29-31 support the idea of urging people to love God with all that they have and to love others, as they love themselves. Everyone who attends our church, especially those like Obadiah, should be informed about and encouraged to love God with all that they have – tithes, worship, and obedience.

Everyone should be informed and encouraged to love themselves – mindset, health, wealth, and the like. Everyone should be informed and encouraged to love others – relationships and contributions of service.

No matter what our occupation may be (e.g., janitor, registered nurse, cashier, or business owner), we should be known for doing our jobs with positive and helpful attitudes. We should be ready to share our testimonies as well as invite and bring people with us to worship and growth groups. Let’s work on helping people live by the two chief commandments.

5. Trust God. Passages like Proverbs 3:5-6 support the idea that everyone who claims to worship God should be trust Him. As saved people, we should be the light and salt (see Mt. 5:13-16), but our hope is not in some grand and sustained repentance of humanity. Our hope is in the Lord.

Therefore, even when bodies began to fail, money gets funny, relationships fall by the way side, and people ignore our contributions to the common good, we still have hope. Let’s live like we trust God.

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