Answers for Review Questions for Judges Chapter Seven through Nine

1. Based on Judges 7:2, God enjoys sharing His glory with others.  

T or F Explain God wants all of His glory. 

2. Based on Judges 7:5-8, people should be able to do whatever they want to do in the church. 

T or F Explain God has requirements and principles that should be satisfied. 

3. Based on Judges 7:11, leaders should get rid of people like Purah. 

T or F Explain Leaders need helpers who can help them, especially in their times of weakness. 

4. Based on Judges 7:16-18, Gideon set an example for those who followed him, as leaders should do today.

T or F Explain Leaders should be the first to study, serve, give, support the vision, etc. 

5. Based on Judges 7:19-21, following human leadership is not really important to winning the victory.

T or F Explain The victory was given after following human leadership. 

6. Based on Judges 7:24, if you are not allowed to serve early but then asked to serve later, you should refuse, because they should have allowed you to serve early. 

T or F Explain We should serve, when and where we are needed without regard to our egos/pride.

7. Based on Judges 8:1, 3, people are normally reasonable, and we should give them all of the time and energy they need to help them understand and gain their support. 

T or F Explain People can be unreasonable. We should balance the time and energy needed to deal with unreasonable people with the other priorities before us. 

8. Based on Judges 8:7-8, if you don't want to serve or feel like serving that is fine, after all you are grown.

T or F Explain Not serving, when you should serve, is sin. 

9. Based on Judges 8:19, we see that sibling unity (i.e., sisters and brothers in Christ) is important. 

T or F Explain A threat to one is a threat to all. 

10. Based on Judges 8:22-23, we should say "yes" to every request for our services. 

T or F Explain We need the wisdom and courage to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” 

11. Based on Judges 8:27, money is an idol.

T or F Explain Money can become an idol, when we give it too much value. 

12. Based on Judges 8:33-35, when the leader leaves or dies, we are free to do whatever we want to do.

T or F Explain We should continue to follow God’s will. 

13. Based on Judges 9:1-3, ambition can be a bad thing.

T or F Explain Ambition becomes bad, when we pursue ungodly goals or godly goals in ungodly ways. 

14. Based on Judges 9:5, 21, as believers, there are times to run. 

T or F Explain We should seek God’s wisdom and courage to know when to stand and when to run. 

15. Based on Judges 9:22-24, God sent an evil spirit, and He can do the same thing today. 

T or F Explain God is still able. We should strive to live so that God doesn’t have to do it again. 

16. Based on Judges 9:30-33, without submitting to God's will, violence seems to be a vicious cycle.

T or F Explain Growing in the Lord and learning to love breaks the cycle. 

17. Based on Judges 9:54, we see a clear support for God's approval of mercy killing. 

T or F Explain We see a description, not a prescription. 

18. Based on Judges 9:55-57, we see that we can expect to reap what we have sown.

T or F Explain Thus, we should sow good seed, so we can reap a good harvest.

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