Answers for Review Questions to Judges Chapter Four Through Six

1. Based on Judges 4:1, as saved people, we should not make death preparations, God will handle all of those issues.          

True or False    Explain We should be wise stewards, which includes managing our death affairs


2. Based on Judges 4:4-7, God sent real holy people with no sin issues to lead His people to victory.

True or False    Explain All have sinned and fallen short.


3. Based on Judges 4:12-16, when we follow God's instructions, we can look forward to victory for us, which may mean the destruction of the ungodly.     

True or False    Explain God can take from those He consider wicked and give to those He considers righteous.


4. Based on Judges 4:23-24, when God gives us victory, He always gives it to us all at once or not at all.       

True or False    Explain Sometimes God gives us a little here and a little there, so we can appreciate it, and so we don’t become overwhelmed with having more than we can handle.


5. Based on Judges 5:1,3, all believers should sing with enthusiasm about the character and acts of God.         

True or False    Explain Worship is not just for women, and we should use our head/intellect and heart/emotion in worship.


6. Based on Judges 5:7, God doesn't use women to serve Him (i.e., ministry). 

True or False    Explain God has a long history of using mothers and women in general throughout the Bible.


7. Based on Judges 5:23, there is serious danger for the people of God who can help but don't help.

True or False    Explain Sins of omission are as serious as sins of commission, especially in war.


8. Based on Judges 5:28-30, if you get wise people to agree on something then what they agree on must be right.              

True or False    Explain There is a way that seems right to us that ends in death. We should always prayerfully seek God’s way.


9. Based on Judges 6:1-6, if we do not think something is evil then it is not really evil.

True or False    Explain God’s definition of evil is the one that really counts.


10. Based on Judges 6:12, God only sees us for who we are today and who we have been in the past.                 

True or False     Explain God sees our past, present, and future.


11. Based on Judges 6:23, we will either have 100% faith or 100% fear.  

True or False     Explain We can have faith and fear; however, we should work to make sure we have more faith in God than fear of the circumstances.


12. Based on Judges 6:25-26, God is alright with our having others gods, as long as He is number one.                       

True or False Explain God wants to be both number one and the only one, in our lives.


13. Based on Judges 6:28-29, someone always sees whatever we do.         

True or False    Explain Even when people don’t see, God always sees.


14. Based on Judges 6:33, when we decide to serve the Lord, the enemy will recognize that God has empowered us and will simply leave us alone.

True or False    Explain There are times when the more we obey God, the more the enemy seems to attack. But we can count on God to take care of His own.


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