Answers for Review Questions for Judges Chapter Ten through Thirteen (Part One)

1. In Judges 10:1-2, who was the Judge?



2. Based on Judges 10:6, when God is real, real good to His people, we will be real, real good to Him.                

T or F                     

Explain We are subject to do as evil in God’s eyes, as those in the text.


3. In Judges 10:8, how long did the people of God suffer being oppressed?

18 years.


4. Based on Judges 10:17-18, there is often a lack of people willing to step up and do the hard jobs like giving leadership.                  

T or F             

Explain As in the text, it is becoming more and more difficult to find people to take on leadership roles in the church (e.g., growth group leaders and ministry managers).


5. In Judges 11:1, who had a son by a prostitute?



6. Based on Judges 11:4-8, we don't have to be careful how we treat people because God will take care of His own.                        

T or F             

Explain As in the text, God may send our blessings through the people we have mistreated.


7. In Judges 11:12-27, who was giving leadership to God's people?


8. Based on Judges 11:14-27, we should be only concerned with our future, not our history.

T or F             

Explain As in the text, we should learn from and be inspired by

our history, so we can do what God is calling us to do today and tomorrow.


9. In Judges 11:29, was Jephthah defending against the enemy or advancing against the enemy?

He was advancing.


10. Based on Judges 11:34, we should be excited about God's work moving forward.

T or F             

Explain As in the text, we should be excited about God’s work

moving forward, because it often includes blessing for us.


11. In Judges 12:1-2, who were the unreasonable people? 

The people of Ephraim.


12. Based on Judges 12:4-6, there is never a time for the people of God to fight among themselves. If they do, God will not be in it.

T or F             

Explain As in the text, there are times when there are wars

among God’s people. God will be on the side of right.


13. In Judges 12:8-10, how many children did Ibzan have?

60 children (30 sons and 30 daughters)


14. Based on Judges 12:10, 12, 15, since death is sure to come, we should get our affairs in order.                       

T or F                     

Explain As in the text, we have a date with death. We should get our estate, relational, and, most of our all, our spiritual affairs in order.


15. In Judges 13:1-10, what is Manoah's wife's name?

The text doesn’t tell us.


16. Based on Judges 13:8, when we pray with questionable motives, God will not hear us; therefore, we should not pray, if we are not sure about our motives.

T or F             

Explain As in the text, we should pray, and God will lead us from




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