Review Questions for Judges Chapters Ten through Thirteen (Part One)

1. In Judges 10:1-2, who was the Judge?


2. Based on Judges 10:6, when God is real, real good to His people, we will be real, real good to Him.                

T or F                      Explain


3. In Judges 10:8, how long did the people of God suffer being oppressed?


4. Based on Judges 10:17-18, there is often a lack of people willing to step up and do the hard jobs like giving leadership.                  

T or F              Explain


5. In Judges 11:1, who had a son by a prostitute?


6. Based on Judges 11:4-8, we don't have to be careful how we treat people because God will take care of His own.                        

T or F              Explain


7. In Judges 11:12-27, who was giving leadership to God's people?


8. Based on Judges 11:14-27, we should be only concerned with our future, not our history.

T or F              Explain

9. In Judges 11:29, was Jephthah defending against the enemy or advancing against the enemy?


10. Based on Judges 11:34, we should be excited about God's work moving forward.

T or F             Explain


11. In Judges 12:1-2, who were the unreasonable people? 


12. Based on Judges 12:4-6, there is never a time for the people of God to fight among themselves. If they do, God will not be in it.

T or F              Explain


13. In Judges 12:8-10, how many children did Ibzan have?


14. Based on Judges 12:10, 12, 15, since death is sure to come, we should get our affairs in order.                       

T or F                      Explain


15. In Judges 13:1-10, what is Manoah's wife's name?


16. Based on Judges 13:8, when we pray with questionable motives, God will not hear us; therefore, we should not pray, if we are not sure about our motives.

T or F              Explain



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