Answers to Review Questions for Joshua Chapters Seven through

1. According to Joshua 7:1, what a person does is his/her business. It has no impact on the rest of the team or church.         

True or   False             

Explain Achan’s individual sin had a negative impact on the community, similar to how individual sin today negatively impacts the body of Christ.


2. According to Joshua 7:1, God is not really concerned about receiving His money today. God understands that we need to take care of other responsibilities first.

True or   False            

Explain God wants His people to trust Him in their giving.


3. According to Joshua 7:19-21, we should get our minds right. Lustful desires still lead to sin.

True          or   False             

Explain Our actions tend to follow our thoughts.


4. According to Joshua 7:22-23, confirming the facts and having sendable people were important then but not as important today.                  

True or   False            

Explain They were important then and are still important today.


5. According to Joshua 8:1, there were temptations to be afraid and be discouraged in the text and there are temptations today as well.             

True          or   False             

Explain We may be tempted to be afraid of the violence in our communities and our personal health challenges. And we may be tempted to be discouraged by our dreams not coming to fruition quickly enough.


6. According to Joshua 8:2, God wanted to be first in the text, and He wants to be first today with our tithes, time, and talent.          

True          or   False             

Explain God has much for us, after we honor Him with our first fruits.


7. According to Joshua 8:10, the leadership of the community were on one accord with what God put on Joshua's heart, but God is putting things on everyone’s heart for the church today. We are to follow the majority of the sheep, not the shepherd.                  

True or   False            

Explain God still moves on the heart of His leader. “The majority rule” is much more a yielding to the hard hearts of people than God’s ideal plan.


8. According to Joshua 8:24, God had some wrath back then, and He still has some wrath today.

True          or   False             

Explain It would be a grave mistake to think that God was hard only in the Old Testament and only soft in the New Testament.   


9. According to Joshua 8:29, giving leadership to wrongdoing in the text led to sever punishment, but today sin is not as dangerous.                   True or   False            

Explain It is always bad to sin. But it is extra bad to lead others into sinning.


10. According to Joshua 8:31, history was an inspiration, but today history should not be inspiring.                  

True or   False            

Explain History can be a great teacher of both what to do and what not to do. Both lessons can be learned, if we study.


11. According to Joshua 9:1-2, ungodly people were able to work together, but today Christians have mastered working together.         

True or   False            

Explain In fact, it is embarrassing to see how little Christian churches do as a unified body.


12. According to Joshua 9:14-15, inquiring of God was important, and such is important today as well.            

True          or   False             

Explain The reason for emphasizing leaders being in Prayer Meeting should be obvious.


13. According to Joshua 9:14-15, sinful company can lead to God's people falling into sin, and the same is true today.                 

True          or   False             

Explain We have to be so careful about the company that we keep, especially when they have a significant sway on how we think and what we do.


14. According to Joshua 10:18, grumbling was a potential problem, but today it is alright to grumble.                  

True     or   False                    

Explain Grumbling and complaining are still sins that we should work on avoiding.

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