Joshua Chapter Six (Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea in Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, , we hope to finish our discussions of the conquering of Jericho.

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Read Joshua 6:15-19

1. Victory at Jericho (continued). On the seventh day, Joshua called for the people to march around the city seven times. All of the people are to shout on this round.

Even though the city is given to the people, all of the silver and gold is to be given to the Lord’s treasury. Taking what belongs to the Lord will bring destruction.

Applications -

- Shouting. Notice in vs. 16 there is a command to give an enthusiastic shout, based on faith, not simply emotions. Another way of saying this is, they shouted based on what they believed, more than what they could see or feel.

There are too many people who rarely shout or give any enthusiastic expression of affirmation. Some refuse to “shout” because they don’t feel like it, others don’t see anything to shout about, and some are just too rebellious to shout because a man told them to. How sad.

Every believer should be able to “shout” about how good the Lord has been, is being, and will be. We should shout when asked and even before we are asked. We should enter the sanctuary with praise and worship already in process.

Let’s work on shouting about the goodness of the Lord more than we do. The more we shout about His goodness, the less we will bemoan our circumstances.

- That which is devoted to God. Notice in vss. 17-19 of Joshua that God wants and deserves the first fruits. Furthermore, it is dangerous to take what is devoted to the Lord.

Similar to how God wanted the first fruit or the first city in Canaan, Jericho, God wants the first 10% of our income today. He wants our tithes. When we give it to Him, it shows that we honor Him, trust Him, and thank Him for the 90% that we have left.

Second, when we fail to give God what belongs to Him, we run the risk of punishment. As saved people, we don’t have to worry about loosing our salvation. But we can be punished in other ways. Let’s honor and obey God, by giving Him the first fruits of our income - tithes.

- Keeping our promises. Notice in vs. 17 that the promise made to Rahab was being kept. We should work on being people of our word.

When we look at how easily we breach our church covenant and some breach their marriage vows, it makes it difficult for people to trust us. Our untrustworthiness makes our trustworthy God look bad. Let’s work on keeping our promises to one another.

Read Joshua 6:20-27

1. Victory at Jericho (continued). The people shouted, when they heard the trumpet blast. The walls collapsed and the men went in and took the city.

The gold, silver, and the like were taken out for the Lord’s treasury. The people and livestock were killed, except for Rahab and her family. The city was burned and cursed.

Applications -

- God’s destructive power. Notice in vss. 20-21 of Joshua that God can tear down some stuff for those who faithfully obey Him. First, it is good to know that God can tear down walls and anything else that may be in our way.

Second, we should remember that obedient faith preceded the walls coming down. Third, God’s tearing down the walls was a terrible thing for those who were counting on the wall for protection (i.e., the people who lived in Jericho).

The lesson here is to put our trust in God, not in the work of our hands. Let’s work on trusting God’s ability to tear down obstacles enough to obey His will.  To sing about God’s power but not obey His will are inconsistent signals.

- Safety in the midst of danger. Notice in vs. 22 that God provided favor and protection for Rahab, in the midst of all of the destruction that was going on around her. In like manner, God is able to provide favor for those who trust and obey His will.

The stock market can be down, companies can be downsizing, communities can be plagued with crime, and loved ones can be hateful, but God is able to take care of those who trust and obey Him.

Let’s work on trusting and obeying God with the hope that He will take care of us, in spite of the destruction that we see.

- Fame. Notice in vs. 27 that Joshua’s fame grew, as a result of God doing great things in and through his life. In like manner, the more we obey God, the more God is likely to do great things in and through our lives.

The more God does great things in and through our lives, the more likely we are to be famous among people. However, when people talk about how great we are, we should be quick to talk about how God is the source of all that we have.

Let’s live as if we are vessels that hold God’s grace and favor, not producers of God’s grace and favor.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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