Answers to Review Questions for Joshua Chapters Four through Six

1. Based on Joshua 4:6, the teaching of our young people is only the parent’s job.

            True or False                        Explain - The entire faith community should be involved.


2. Based on Joshua 4:12-13, God is anti-war.

            True or False                        Explain - The text clearly shows that there are times when God is involved in war. In ethics, there is a discussion about “just war.”


3. Based on Joshua 4:14, there are times when human leaders should be exalted.

            True or False                        Explain - In the text, the Lord exalted Joshua before the people. There is obviously a higher exaltation that is reserved only for the Lord.  


4. Based on Joshua 4:15-18, the Cabinet members should not feel bad about clear evidence of their not following Pastoral leadership.

            True or False                        Explain - They should feel bad. The Cabinet should set the example for others, when it comes to following Pastoral leadership. They should feel bad enough to carryout their duties.

5. Based on Joshua 5:1, witnessing is something that only the Evangelism Ministry does and it should only lead to telling people about Jesus, not any behavior changes in our lives.

            True or False                        Explain - Every believer should be involved in some form of witnessing. A great witness is to live an obedient life and be ready to answer questions about the source of our positive mental attitude.

6. Based on Joshua 5:3, we have water baptism, instead of circumcision, as our ritual that identifies us with living for God.

            True or False                        Explain - Water baptism is about males and females dying to this world and living a resurrected life for Jesus.


7. Based on Joshua 5:10, we are called to both remember God’s goodness and obey His will.          True or False                      Explain - Both are important.


8. Based on Joshua 5:11-12, God cares for and provides for the physical needs of His people.        True or False                      Explain (give some examples of how) - He cares enough to give us jobs, businesses, and wisdom to be wise stewards of our wealth.


9. Based on Joshua 6:1, hearing about the Lord never leads to fear.

            True or False                        Explain - Fear is essentially believing or having faith that something bad is going to happen.


10. Based on Joshua 6:3-5, the people of God should be left to follow the Spirit’s leading them (i.e., without a human giving any instructions) about when and how to march, blow, and shout.

            True or False                        Explain - God likes things to be done with some decency and order, including worship and excited expressions of allegiance.


11. Based on Joshua 6:17-19, similar to how the goods in Jericho were devoted to God, our tithes and offerings should be devoted to Him today.  

            True or False                        Explain - Although, we don’t have to worry about losing our salvation, we are at risk of punishment for not giving to God in proportion to how He has prospered us.


12. Based on Joshua 6:22, God can keep you safe, in the midst of all kinds of destruction around you.

            True or False                        Explain - In the midst of violence, drugs, and all kinds of criminal activity in a believer’s neighborhood, God can build a fence of protection that allows him/her to sleep like a baby at night.

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