Joshua Chapter Nineteen (Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea of Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the inheritances of Naphtali, Dan, and Joshua.

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Read Joshua 19:32-48

In verses 32-39, the sixth lot fell on the tribe of Naphtali. The land was to be divided among its clans. In verses 40-48, the seventh lot fell on the tribe of Dan. They had difficulty conquering their land. But they worked at it and renamed one of the cities after their forefather Dan.

Applications –

- Thankful stewards. Notice in vs. 37 that Naphtali received 19 towns and their villages.

It is sad that there are too many people who would miss out on enjoying their 19 towns and villages because they were comparing themselves with people like Asher who received 22 towns and their villages.

First, we should be thankful for whatever God gives us. If justice had its way, we would not have anything. Second, we should work on trusting God to know what is best for us. Remember the more we get, the more we are responsible for.

Let’s work on being thankful stewards of what God has placed in our trust, instead of comparing ourselves to others. Think about how this applies to our jobs, compensation, cars, clothes, etc.

- Extra work. Notice in vs. 47 of Joshua that in order for the people of Dan to receive all that God had for them, they had to put in some extra work. In like manner, there are some blessings that require extra work on our parts.

The extra work may include going back to school, getting an extra job, developing better people skills, and the list could go on. Sometimes instead of simply complaining or being sad about what we do not have, we should put a little extra work in.

Let’s work on doing the work needed to have the blessings that God has for us. More or better health, wealth, relationships, attitudes, and contributions may call for some extra work on our parts.

- Remembering our heritage. Notice in vs. 47 that the people remembered their ancestor Dan. In like manner, we should strive to be all that God wants us to be and have all that God wants us to have.

However, we should make sure that we remember the shoulders that we stand on. Not only is this true for African Americans during Black History month, but it is true for everyone throughout the year. We did not get to where we are all by ourselves.

Sometimes we received lessons in “what not to do” from those we met along our journey. Let’s remember where we came from.

Read Joshua 19:49-51

13. Special Inheritance. They gave Joshua an inheritance, as the Lord had commanded. Joshua asked for and received one of the towns. The period of dividing the land is said to have come to an end.

Applications –

- Being kind to your leader. Notice in vss. 49-50 that the people were generous towards their leader. They gave him the town that he asked for.

First, we should be generously kind towards those leaders that God has placed in our lives. We should be extra kind to those who have contributed to our being blessed in special ways. In churches, we have things like gifts for the Pastor and Cabinet members.

Second, it is good to know what the leader wants. It would not be good to give words of encouragement to the one who wants gifts of money, nor to give gifts of money to the one who wants more invitations to eat and fellowship with others.

Love people, in their love language. Let’s work on being kind to the leaders that God has placed in our lives.

- Finishing. Notice in vs. 51 of Joshua that they finished the dividing of the land. It is so important to work on finishing what God has given us to do. It is difficult to trust a person who has a track record of starting but cannot finish.

Think about how Jesus uttered those marvelous words from the cross, “It is finished.” Let’s work on being finishers for Jesus. Think about how this applies to your relationships, commitments made in church, and assignments at the job.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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