Joshua Chapter Eighteen

Introduction: A key idea of Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the inheritance of the half tribe of Manasseh.

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Introduction: A key idea in Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the survey of the remaining land and Benjamin’s inheritance.



Read Joshua 18:1-10

5. Survey of Remaining Land. Joshua calls the assembly together and urges them to cooperate with making sure the last seven tribes get the land that is coming to them.

He calls for three men from each tribe to go survey the land and bring him a description. The men were chosen, sent, and did as instructed.

Applications –

- God’s wisdom. Notice in vss.1-3 that God has some blessings for all of His people. First, God loves all of His people and wants what is best for them. We don’t have to worry about does God loves us. “Yes,” He loves all of His people.

Second, God knows best. God knows what to give and when to give.  Instead of being jealous about what others have, we should make sure we are trusting the wisdom of God. Let’s work on trusting the wisdom of God, regarding when and how we are blessed.

- Sendable people. Notice in vss.4, 9 that there were men who could follow leadership. Three men from each tribe had to be selected by their tribes, sent by Joshua, write the survey, and report back to Joshua.

Because of their ability to follow leadership, we will talk about more blessings being disbursed. There is a great need for men who are able to be sent to do a great work in our churches, families, and communities.

This calls for men who live in such a way that their tribes and peers feel comfortable recommending them. This calls for men who can follow instructions from the leader including reporting back to the leader in writing.

Let’s work on developing sendable people who can follow leadership and assist with the disbursement of blessings. This application is good for women as well.

- Casting lots. Notice in vss.6, 10 that Joshua is concerned with divine direction. The casting of lots was built on the idea that God controlled the results of the lot.

Today, we don’t have to concern ourselves with lots as much as we concern ourselves with prayer and the Bible.

Let’s prayerful study God’s word as a means of discerning what God wants us to do in our lives. The more we line up with God’s will for our lives, the more blessings we can expect. The further we drift from God’s will, the further we get from God’s blessings.

- Staff. Notice in vs.7 that the Levites were not given land like the other tribes. They were to receive cities and a portion of what was given to the Lord. 

In like manner, if the people of God give to God as God has prospered them, there will be enough resources to take care of the church’s staff.

Let’s give as God has prospered us, so the church will have the staff that it needs for the times in which we live. In a time of fewer volunteers, staff is becoming more essential.

- Being fair with one another. Notice in vs. 7 that Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh did not get more land on the west side of Jordan, because they had already received their land on the east side under Moses.

First, we should strive to make sure that we are not greedy. Those who have already been blessed should be concerned about others being blessed, before they go back for extra blessings. This application has to be prayerfully thought out for each situation.

An easy example would be, if the church is giving out something for free, everyone should get some, before anyone gets extra. The application gets fuzzy, if we were to say that no one should get another car, until everyone gets one.

Second, notice that Moses’ contribution and ministry are not forgotten. We should strive to build on top of past accomplishments, when we can. Sometimes we learn from the mistakes of the past. Let’s work on living at peace with others and honoring our history.

Read Joshua 18:11-28

6. Inheritance of Benjamin. Joshua casts lots, and the lots indicated that it was time for the people of Benjamin to receive their land. Their land was between that of Judah and Joseph. A description of the land is given.

Applications -

- Trusting God’s timing. Notice in vss. 11-28 that Benjamin received a great portion of land. First, God has some more. We should not grow jealous about what others have. God has enough blessings for all of His people.

Second, God gives us what is best, when it is best. Benjamin was not the first to be blessed, but they were blessed according to God’s timing. In like manner, we have to learn to trust the timing of God.

We may not all get the same blessing and we may not all be blessed at the same time, but we can count on God to give us what is best for us, when it is best for us. Let’s work on trusting the timing of God.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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