Joshua Chapter Seventeen

Introduction: A key idea of Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the inheritance of the half tribe of Manasseh.

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4. Inheritance of half tribe of Manasseh. These is a detailed description of the land given to the half tribe of Manasseh on the west. Zelophehad had no sons, so his daughters received his land. There were some Canaanites who were under forced labor, but they were not destroyed. Joshua talks Joseph’s descendants into working for more land, instead of simply complaining about how they wanted more.

Applications –

- Being great. Notice in vs. 1 that the Makirites were noted for being great soldiers. In like manner, every believer should strive to be great in something for the glory of the Lord.

Even if you are not the greatest singer, preacher, or usher, you can be the greatest spouse to your spouse, parent to your children, friend to your friends. Whatever you do, do your best, so God can get the glory. Let’s work on doing our best for God’s glory.

- Estate issues. Notice in vss. 3-6 that estate planning is so important. Thank God that things worked out for the daughters in Joshua.

However, there are too many people who die thinking that one thing will happen with their assets and something altogether different happens. And sometimes people die without even giving any thought to what will happen with their estate.

Let’s work on being wise stewards of our estates. This application calls for things like wills, joint ownerships, and in some cases trust funds. It also calls for raising a generation who knows how to handle wealth.

- God has some more. Notice in vs. 7-11 that God has some more. We never have to be jealous about what others have. God knows what is best for us and when it is best for us.

We may not all get the same thing and we may not get our blessings at the same time, but we can trust God to take care of His own. Let’s live like we believe that God has more for His people. Such living should be known for obedience and confidence in God’s will.

- Growth. Notice in vss. 12-13 that the Jews did not get rid of the Canaanites, but when they got strong enough, they put them under forced labor. In like manner, there may be things in our lives that should be gone, but they are still there.

Instead of simply giving up, we are urged to do the best that we can with what we have. The stronger we get, the closer we should get to where God wants us to be.

An example of this idea can be seen in health. Think about how we should get rid of 25 pounds, but they are still here. We should get rid of the one or two that we can and when we are able, we should get rid of another three or five, on our way to the 25 pounds.

God will bless us at our level of faith, if we simply keeping trying. Let’s work on showing the Lord that we are trying to live by His will.

- Working faith. Notice in vss. 14-18 that in order for the people to get more land, they had to do more work. In like manner, there are blessings in our lives that require more work. Think about how this applies to not only more health and wealth, but it also applies to relationships and positive mental attitude.

It applies to the contributions that we want to make to our communities. Faith without works is dead. Let’s work on having the needed faith and works to get what God has for us.

- Wisdom. Notice in vss. 14-18 that Joshua exercised a certain level of diplomacy in dealing with the people. In like manner, our daily prayer should include asking the Lord for wisdom to do what He is calling us to do.

There are times when a straight answer is what is called for. There are times when a soft answer is needed. And there are times when no answer should be given. Let’s seek the wisdom to know how to deal with the people and issues that are before us.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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