Joshua Chapter Fourteen (Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea in Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the division of Canaan.

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Read Joshua 14:6-15

2. Inheritance of Judah (14:6-14:63). Caleb comes to Joshua with the men of Judah. Caleb reminds Joshua of the land promised to him under Moses leadership. Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him the land in question.

Applications -

- Helpful helpers. Notice in vs. 7 that Caleb reported to the leader who sent him out, and his report reflected his convictions. First, it is important for all helpers on a team to know the importance of reporting to the leader of the team. This is true in a family, church, and on a job.

There are too many who report to “the people,” cause trouble, and then distance themselves from the mess that has been caused.

Second, it is important to share your convictions with your leader. If you feel strongly then you ought to say so and then yield to leadership, as long as it is not contrary to God’s word. Let’s work on developing leaders who work with the leader and not against him/her.

- Harmful helpers. Notice in vs. 8 that it was the work of the disloyal helpers that caused trouble. In like manner, there are those in the church and community who will give a report to those who will listen.

These “reengage reports” are known for inspiring a sense of panic or mutiny. The reports are often godless - there is no mention of God. Let’s work on reframing from over reacting to reengage reports.

When we feel ourselves getting excited or see others getting excited about some information floating around, let’s ask who is spreading the information?

Why are they spreading the information? Is the information true? Where is God at in the information? Slowing things down and analyzing the facts often leads to a better outcome.

- Appreciative service. Notice in vss. 10-11 of this chapter of Joshua that Caleb was aware and appreciative of God keeping him alive, strong, and ready for service. 

First, we ought to thank God for our being alive and having a portion of strength. There are so many people who have a lower quality of life than we have. Second, we should remember that God is yet calling us to serve Him at our ability. 

On one hand, every 85 year old is not going to be as strong as Caleb. But on the other hand, we should all do what we can, no matter what age we are. Let’s work on being so appreciative of God’s grace that we serve Him. 

- God’s promises. Notice in vss. 12-14 that Caleb reminds Joshua of God’s promises. It is assumed that Joshua felt compelled to live by the promises of God. 

There are too many in our churches who don’t behave as if they believe the promises of God. God promises blessings for giving and yet too many don’t give. 

God promises to punish sin, and yet too many willfully sin. This chapter of Joshua further assumes that God is a promise keeper. Thank God this is a true assumption. We can trust God to do what He said He would do. 

Let’s live like we trust the promises of God. Such living should be known for joyful obedience. 

- Working for our blessings. Notice in vs. 12 that Caleb was aware of the work that needed to be done, in order for him to enjoy his blessings. And he was willing to do the work. 

There are too many who want the finished blessings but are not willing to put the work in. Too many want money, not a job or a profitable business opportunity. Too many want to be healthy but don’t want to eat properly or exercise. 

Let’s be aware that many blessings require work on our part and be willing to do what needs to be done to get what God has for us. 

- God’s provision for His people. Notice in vs. 15 that God took from the wicked and gave to His people. First, we should not give up because things seem to be a little lopsided today. God can turn things around. The wicked will not always have the upper hand. 

Second, we should make sure that we are a part of God’s people and not a part of the wicked crowd. This is a matter of making sure that you have accepted Jesus as your savior by faith. Let’s make sure we are one of God’s people and trust Him to take care of us. 

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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