Joshua Chapter Thirteen (Part Two)

Introduction: A key idea in Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to discuss the division of Transjordan (east side).

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Read Joshua 13:14-23

B. Division of Transjordan (continued). There is mention that the Levis did not receive an inheritance of land. They received the offerings that were given to the Lord. There is an itemization of the land given to the tribe of Reuben.

Applications -

- Pastoral compensation. Notice in vs. 14 that the clergy of the day were compensated based on what was given to the Lord. Passages like this one support the principle that “the Pastor’s compensation should grow as the church’s revenue grows.”

Think about how no matter how many people join or how good people feel, if there is no more money coming in then no more money can go out.

Also think about how if the revenue is growing then the Pastor’s compensation should grow as well. Let’s work on being a proportionate blessing to our Pastor.

- Working faith. Notice in vss. 15-23 how there was such a great blessing given to the people, after they trusted God enough to obey Him. In like manner, God has more for us than we can image, if we would simply trust Him enough to obey Him.

There are too many who say they trust Him, but they don’t obey Him. There are too many people who still rob God of His tithes, enthusiastic worship, and meaningful service.

No wonder, we don’t have more blessings like those in the text. Let’s work on having a working faith in God.

- God instead of Black magic. Notice in vs. 22 that Balaam was killed and he practiced divination. First, there is no power greater than God’s power.

Balaam’s practicing divination (i.e., what we might call Black magic today) did not protect him from the punishing hand of God. We should be happy to know that we serve the most powerful God.

Second, since we serve the most powerful God, we should not be involved in Black magic or anything close to it. Believers don’t need to study their horoscope or pay for palm readings.

We need to pray and obey God’s will, while trusting Him to work things out for His own. Let’s stay close to God and far from anything other than Him.

Read Joshua 13:24-33

Continuation. There is an itemized listing of the land given to the tribe of Gad. There is a listing of the land given to the half tribe of Manasseh. And there is another mention that the Levis did not receive land. They received the offerings given to the Lord. 

Applications -

- God’s timing. Notice in vss. 24-32 that God did not run out of blessings, after He blessed the tribe of Reuben (vss. 15-23). God had more blessings for the rest of the tribes also. 

In like manner, we never have to be jealousy about what others have or become anxious about God running out of blessings before He gets to us. 

Let’s work on trusting God’s timing and methods of blessing us. Prayerful study and obedience to God’s word with the support of other disciples will help us in this area. 

- Church staff. Notice in vs. 33 a reminder of how to take care of the clergy of the day. Even though there are some who seem to be abusing a good situation, for the most part, most Pastors are under compensated and most churches are under staffed. 

Consequently, so much of what the church should be known for doing is not being done. Thus, the church becomes less and less relevant. Let’s work on giving to God, as God has prospered us, so we can have the staff needed to help our churches be effective

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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