Answers to Review Questions for Joshua Chapters Thirteen through Sixteen

1. Based on Joshua 13:1, there is not such thing as getting old.

True     or     False         

Explain: We are definitely getting older a and we should learn to glorify God with each day and year that He allows us to see.


2. Based on Joshua 13:8, history is to be totally separated from today and tomorrow.

True     or     False         

Explain: We would do well to learn how to build on our history. In fact, we will be the history that others will build on, very soon.


3. Based on Joshua 13:14, we see scriptural support for church staff's compensation being based on the church's revenue.              

True     or     False          

Explain: Having some kind of percent in mind, keeps the responsibility of compensating in balance with the ability to compensate and do the other things expected of the church.


4. Based on Joshua 13:22, we see that Christians should avoid black magic or anything other than God.           

True      or     False          

Explain: God is a jealous God. All that we need is found in Him.


5. Based on Joshua 14:1, the land in the text and what we have today is ours to simply do with what we want.           

True     or     False         

Explain: They and we have inheritances. We should treat all that we have a sacred trust. We ought to handle it in a manner in which the one who gave it would approve.


6. Based on Joshua 14:6, we see that we live only for God, not for our fore parents.

True     or     False         

Explain: We ought to live in ways that bring glory to God, which should include ways that honor our godly fore parents.


7. Based on Joshua 14:7-8, some officers can be helpful and others can be harmful.

True     or     False         

Explain: When officers assist by following the leader’s instructions with the leader’s spirit then they are helpful. When they don’t follow instructions or when they operate without the leader’s spirit, they are often harmful.


8. Based on Joshua 14:12, when God blesses us, the blessing comes in the finished form - no work is required.            

True     or     False         

Explain: Often we still have some work to do, in order to enjoy the blessings of God. For example, we may have to work, in order to maintain and pay for the house or car.


9. Based on Joshua 15:1-12, 20-63, you cannot get much out of Bible study, if you cannot pronounce the words.                    

True     or     False         

Explain: Understanding the function of the words is more important than the pronunciation of the words. However, there are resources available to help people with pronunciation. 


10. Based on Joshua 15:18-19, each generation should simply build its own wealth, instead of one generation trying to help the other.                   

True     or     False         

Explain: We would do well to try to develop multi-generational wealth building. Proverbs 13:22 teaches that a good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.


11. Based on Joshua 16:4, we should care for an inheritance with greater care than we would for that which was simply the product of our labor.              

True     or     False          

Explain: An inheritance should be treated as a sacred trust. Care for it in a way that the one who gave it to you would have approved.


12. Based on Joshua 16:5, we need to learn how to work together, so we can have all that God has for us as individuals.                  

True     or     False          

Explain: We are in this thing together. We cannot simply take our blessings and leave others to get theirs as best they can and expect to enjoy the full blessings of God.


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