Joshua Chapter Twelve

Introduction: A key idea in Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to finish our discussion of the summary of the conquest.

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Read Joshua 12:1-24

D. Summary of the Conquest (continued). There is a listing of the land that had been conquered. The land conquered under Moses is listed.

And the land conquered under Joshua is listed. A total of thirty-one kings were defeated.

Applications -

- Name calling. Notice in vs. 2 that similar to how the leader's name was called in victory, the leader's name is called in defeat.

There are too many who fight for recognition, when things are well. But we run, when things are bad.

Being a leader means taking responsibility for fixing what is wrong, not just taking credit for what is right. Let's work on being responsible leaders and supporting our leaders.

- Relay team. Notice in vs. 6 that the memory of Moses is still alive. There are too many who try to kill the memory of those who served before them.

It is healthier to seek a balance of appreciating and learning from the past as well as pushing forward. Similar to a relay race, we are all running various laps on the same team.

Let's appreciate how generations of leaders are like members on the same relay team.

- Servants of God. Notice in vs. 6 that as great as of Joshua that Moses was in the sight of the readers, in the sight of God, he was a servant.

In like manner, no matter what our status may be among people, we are servants before God.

On one hand, we should give respect and honor to those who hold various offices and to those who do a great job.

But on the other hand, we who are honored by others should make sure that we remember that we are simply servants.

Some are preaching servants, others singing servants, and some van driving servants. Let's appreciate that we are servants of God, no matter our status among people.

- One body. Notice in vs. 6 that 2 1/2 tribes received their land before the others. However, before they could enjoy their land, they were expected to help the other tribes conquer their land.

In like manner, there is a need for more of the "haves" to help the "have nots," especially if the "have nots" helped the "haves" get what they have.

For example, there are too many who consume what the Black church offers, when they are struggling through poverty or working class status. But when they arrive at middle class status, they disappear in too many occasions.

Or they continue to consume, instead of contribute at their level of ability. Let's work on understanding that we are in this thing together. This is true of family, church, and community.

- Different assignments. Notice in vs. 7 that Moses and Joshua had different assignments. In like manner, God often gives different leaders different assignments or areas of focus.

Leaders need to be familiar with what God is calling them to do. And helpers and followers need to pray for their leader's discernment and follow leadership.

Let's appreciate that God gives different assignments to different leaders and we should do our part in furthering the will of God.

- 31 victories. Notice in vs. 24 that God's people conquered 31 kings. In like manner, God is still able and willing to provide victory for His people.

Remember that the victory was won as a result of the people having enough faith to obey God's will.

It was God's will for them to fight the enemy. It was God's will for them to discipline those among them. It was God's will for them to follow leadership. Let's work on doing our parts, so we can experience the victory.

Conclusion: Let's work on obeying God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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