Joshua Chapter Ten (Part Three)

Introduction: A key idea in the Joshua is that God blesses obedience. Today, we hope to continue our discussion of the destruction of the Amorite Coalition.

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Read Joshua 10:15-28

2. Destruction of the Amorite Coalition (continued). Joshua has the five kings contained in a cave that they were hiding in. Joshua had his army to continue to kill the enemy army.

After an almost complete annihilation of the enemy army, Joshua calls his army back to the cave with the kings.

Joshua has his men to put their feet on the necks of the enemy kings as an object lesson regarding the victory that God will provide in the future. Joshua then kills the kings.

Applications -

- Priorities. Notice in vss. 17-18 that there were some priorities. The killing of the army was to be accomplished before the killing of the kings. In like manner, we need to work on prioritizing in our lives.

We cannot do everything at the same time. We must do first things first, second things second, and so on. Think about how this applies to your health, wealth, relationships, and other parts of your life. Let’s work on having the wisdom and courage to live by God’s priorities.

- Fighting in the right army. Notice in vss. 20, 25 that it is so dangerous to be in the wrong army. We are either for or against the Lord. There is no neutral. Those who are in the Lord’s army may be defeated in a battle or two, but the war is already won.

Those who are in the devil’s arm may be victorious in a battle or two, but their war has already been lost. Let’s make sure we are fighting in the right army.

This application calls for making sure that we are saved by faith in Christ and that we are striving to live by God’s word (e.g., study, serve, give, stewardship of health and wealth, helping the less fortunate, doing our parts in our relationships, etc.)

- Following instructions. Notice in vss. 22, 23 that Joshua is giving instructions and the people are following them. In like manner, it is so important for the people of God to be able to follow instructions/leadership today.

Too often, people simply want to do what they want to do. They resist being given instructions with the expectation that there should be immediate compliance. Consequently, we experience so little collective victory.

Let’s work on trusting God enough to follow the leadership and instructions that are before us. Obviously, we should not follow instructions that are contrary to God’s word.

-  Focus on obeying God. Notice in vs. 25 that there is a call to overcome fear and discouragement with being strong and courageous in the Lord. What God had just did with the five kings, He would do for the rest of the enemies, if God’s people would simply keep on trusting Him enough to obey.

In like manner, what God has done, He is able to do again. We are called to overcome negative thoughts and feelings like fear and discouragement with positive ones like being strong and courageous, in the Lord.

Let’s work on focusing on obeying God, instead of allowing negative emotions and thoughts to get the best of us.

- Name calling. Notice in vs. 28 that the leader’s name is called, even though it is obvious that God was working through the entire congregation.

In like manner, there will be times when the leader’s name is called today and he/she is given credit for what was obviously the work of God through the entire family.

First, the leadership should have enough sense to not believe the hype. The leader does well to give God the glory for what He does through His people.

Second, the people should understand that it doesn’t matter whose name is called, as long as God’s will is being accomplished. A great part of God’s will is for His people to have life and that more abundantly.  Let’s work on staying focused on God’s will, instead of whose name is called.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God. God has much for those who obey His will. 

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