Answers to Review Questions for Joshua Chapters Ten through Twelve

1. Based on Joshua 10:1-2, in order for people to really fear God, we have to use technology. Word of mouth doesn’t work anymore.

True    or        False             

Explain Word of mouth still works.


2. Based on Joshua 10:3-5, coalitions among Christians and people of good will can be a great thing. However, it is also good to know that God can conquer coalitions that aim to destroy the work of God.

True   or        False              

Explain We need to improve our working w/others and be less afraid of who is against us.


3. Based on Joshua 10:7, being a member of the church doesn’t include any benefits. Members are to help the church, but the church is not designed to help the member.

True    or        False             

Explain The church should be a blessing to its members, especially in the time of need.


4. Based on Joshua 10:10-11, we should spend more time trying to figure out the social justice issues of the text than making sure we are on God’s side. The way to get on God’s side is to join church and live right.

True    or        False             

Explain Being right with God is the priority. We get right by accepting Jesus as our savior by faith.


5. Based on Joshua 10:17-18, setting priorities is important. We are called to do first things first, and second things second. 

True   or        False               

Explain There will always be something else to do. Make sure the most important matters are attended to first. 


6. Based on Joshua 10:28, throughout the Bible when a team of people work hard and accomplish something, the names of everyone on the team is listed. 

True    or        False              

Explain Helping the team win should be more important than team member’s names being called. 


7. Based on Joshua 10:29, we see that after we win a battle or two, God wants us to simply rest and enjoy the fruit of our labors. 

True    or        False              

Explain We need to continue being faithful for the Lord. 


8. Based on Joshua 10:42-43, we see that God is able to help us accomplish so much, if we would simply obey His will. 

True   or        False               

Explain What God has done for others, He is able to do the same or more for us. 


9. Based on Joshua 11:6, a great way to overcome fear is to act on faith.

True   or        False               

Explain Faith and fear cannot control the same entity. Feed your faith by acting on God’s word. 


10. Based on Joshua 11:9, we see that we are called to obey God in good times and bad. All money is not good money.  

True   or        False               

Explain Too many take all of the money they see, not realizing that to have money without God’s favor leaves them in a bad situation. 


11. Based on Joshua 11:13-14, we see that God has a way of taking from the wicked and giving to the righteous, if we would simply be faithful. 

True   or        False               

Explain All that humanity has can be taken away and given to whomever God wants to give it to. 


12. Based on Joshua 11:15, we see that Moses and Joshua were competitors similar to how Pas. Baines should be competing against Pas. Edwards and Pas. Milton today. 

True    or        False              

Explain We are not competitors. We are all on the same team. 


13. Based on Joshua 12:6, we see that when we gain leadership positions among people, we are still servants of God. 

True   or        False               

Explain No matter our status among people, we are still God’s servants. Think about how no matter how great your child may become, he/she is still your child. 


14. Based on Joshua 12:7, we see that God gives the same assignment and focus to each leader that He sends. 

True    or        False              

Explain Just as God had Moses to fight on the east and Joshua on the west, God has special assignments for the leaders that He sends today.

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