Answers to Review Questions for Joshua Chapters One through Three

1. Based on the introduction, what is the major plot or story line in the book of Joshua? The major plot or story line is that Joshua obeyed God and led the people into conquering and dividing the land of Canaan.


2. What is the source of the outline that we are using? The Ryrie Study Bible is the source.


3. Based on chapter 1:1, since death in inevitable, we really should not plan for it.

True or False            Explain We should be wise stewards of what God has placed in our trust and strive to avoid unnecessary stress for our loved ones.


4. Based on chapter 1:1, one has to be a servant of God or a leader of people. One cannot be both and the other.             

True or False            Explain God sends those who are His servants to be leaders of His people. Think about how a foreman and a production worker are both employees for the same plant or company.


5. Based on chapter 1:5-9, there were those who may have tried to withstand the leader God sent, and there are those who try to do the same today.  

True or False            Explain Every time the devil gets a person to say or do something contrary to what God wants done, there is an example of “trying to withstand the leader God sent.”

6. Based on chapter 1:16-18, there is still a need for helpers to pledge their support to the leader, so the body can experience all that God has for it.         

True or False              Explain Leaders need trusted and loyal helpers to help them care for and lead the followers.


7. Based on Joshua 2:1, there was a need for sendable men, but there is really no need for such today.               

True or False            Explain There is still a need for sendable men and women today. No one person or small group of people can do all that needs to be done.

Think about how more people need to be sent to work with our young people, seniors, community involvement, and men.


8. Based on chapter 2:4-7, life is always black and white, cut and dry, with no gray or messy areas.                        

True or False            Explain Some times we have to seek the greater good or the least of the evils. We should ask the Lord to give us wisdom and energy to do His will, when His will is not obvious.


9. Based on Joshua 2:12-13, the prostitute may have had more concern for and/or success with saving her family than many in our churches today.              

True or False             Explain Many are concerned about the salvation of their family. However, many are unsuccessful. The prostitute was concerned about and successful in saving her family from being destroyed with the rest.  


10. Based on chapter 2:17-21, the cord and house in the text have some similarity with Jesus’ blood and the universal church today.                    True or False            Explain The cord and Jesus’ blood are recognized symbols that keep God from destroying us. The house and the universal church are places of grace and safety from God’s wrath.


11. Joshua 3:1-4 is not a good passage of scripture to support teamwork in the church.           

True or False                Explain It is a great passage because it shows teamwork that should exist in our churches.


12. Based on chapter 3:7-8, only God is exalted. People are never exalted.            

True or False                      Explain God exalted Joshua in the text and has a way of doing similarly with the leaders that He sends today. The challenge is to make sure that God is always exalted more.


13. Based on Joshua 3:10, there is some merit to the idea that God can take wealth from the wicked and give it to the righteous.    

True or False                        Explain God, who owns everything, can redistribute His wealth as He sees fit. Proverbs 13:22 teaches that God has a habit of taking from the sinner and giving to the righteous.


14. Based on chapter 3:17, there are times when the people of God have to step out on faith, in spite of how bad things look.        

True or False            Explain In fact, we walk by faith and not by sight. If we wait until we understand everything, we will never get to where God is calling us to be.

Of course, we have to make sure we are doing what we believe God is calling us to do.  

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