John Baptizes Jesus

(Ruth 4:13-17; Matthew 1:1-6 Dr. Baines, Jr. 1/2020)

Introduction: A key idea in today's lesson is that Jesus was baptized in preparation for His ministry to us. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to do what God is calling us to do, so we can be great ministers to those in need."

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Summary Highlights: John the Baptist is preaching and baptizing. He is pictured as a forerunner of Jesus. People are coming to him to repent and be baptized.

John talks about how he is less than the One to come after him, Jesus. Jesus actually shows up. John did not want to baptize Him at first. However, he did so in obedience to the prophecy.

The baptism that the Messiah was expected to perform (see vss. 11-12) was and is probably related to how Jesus is so sweet to those who accept Him, but for those who don't accept Him, they are on their way to a burning Hell. After Jesus is baptized, we see the Holy Spirit, and we hear from God the Father.

Key Points:
1. God's kingdom. Notice in vs. 2 the mention of the kingdom of heaven. .....Let's work on allowing God's kingdom to be found in our lives. Loving God, ourselves, and others are telling features of God's rulership.

2. The trustworthiness of God's word. Notice in vs. 3 that the prophecies of God are trustworthy. .....Let's live as if we believe that God's word is trustworthy.

3. Ministering to people at their level. Notice in vs. 4 that John wore cloths associated with Elijah the Prophet and ate the food commonly eaten by the poor and working-class people that he ministered to......Let's work on ministering to people at their level.

4. Resurrected living. Notice in vs. 11 that there was a baptism of John; however, passages like Romans 6: 3-4 teach that the Christian baptism has a different meaning......Let's give our best to living like we are those who are resurrected to live for Jesus.

5. God's plan. Notice throughout our text that God has a plan. .....Let's work on knowing and doing our part of the plan.

6. Showing appreciation, now. Notice in vs. 17 that the Father announced His pleasure with His Son. .....Let's work on sharing our love and appreciation for one another, while we are alive.

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