Jesus Prayed for his Disciples

(Nehemiah 4:7-14; Dr. Baines, Jr. 12/2019)

Introduction: Wouldn’t it be great, if we could watch the news for just one week with no one getting killed by senseless violence? Did you know that God is calling us to work together to build His kingdom (i.e., His place of rulership)? We are to be the salt and light, not the fearful critics who are always in reactionary mode. In our text, Jesus prays for the disciples that were before Him and those of us who would come later. Three of the things that He prayed for serves as our thesis - “We should move past our pain with godly encouragement.”

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Key Points:
1. Was Jesus praying for us? In our text, Jesus prayed for disciples – those who follow Him. ….. Let’s work on being disciples of Christ.

2. We need to work on our prayer lives. Not only does Jesus pray in our text, but He taught about prayer in Matthew 6:9-13......Let’s work on improving our personal and corporate prayer lives.

3. We have been protected. Jesus talks about protection for the name of the Lord, in our text......Let’s live like we appreciate God’s protection. 

4. There is too much unhealthy division. Jesus prayed for His disciples to be united, in our text......Let’s work on having more unity in the body of Christ.

5. We’re called to serve. Jesus’ prayer included the disciples being sent to serve. .....Let’s remember that serving the Lord pays off.

What is one thing you will take from this material and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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