Grieving Can Be Difficult

Grieving is that mental anguish that we feel, when someone we love dies.

A key idea in this series of devotionals, "The Blessed Lame Man," which is based on II Samuel 9:6-8, 13 is that, "We should be mindful of humility, blessings, and lameness."

In this devotional, let's focus on how the lost of a loved one can be difficult. We will all have to face the death of loved ones one day (see Heb. 9:27). The lost of a loved one can be devastating. There are widows and widowers who still feel a deep lost over the death of spouses from years ago, if not decades ago.

There are parents who yet feel deep sorrow over the lost of children. Perhaps, even more during the holiday season, we remember the lost of loved ones. And for singles, it may be a time of lost of a significant other, or it may be a reminder of not having anyone to share the holidays with.

I must admit there are times when I look around the church and see new faces where trusted members used to sit, and I find my self reminded of how much I miss them.

It has been my experience that grieving is a journey. We will have some good days and bad ones. But if we have the faith that better days are ahead, we can make our journey with some joy.

Self Examination
1. List some people who you have felt a deep sense of lost over recently.

2. Can you see how allowing yourself to take the journey of grief is better than either denying yourself the privilege of grief, trying to squeeze it all into a day or two, or on the other extreme thinking that the next months and years will be as difficult as today?

3. What are you going to do to grow in this area?

Great and awesome God, the One who is working all things out - including the death of loved ones - for the good of Your people. It is to You that I pray. Thank You for how You brought me through intense periods of sorrow in the past and how I can trust You to do the same in the future.

I confess that I get weak and spend more time on my emotions than on Your plan. Please forgive me, and help me to live with confidence in Your handling my periods of grieving. In Jesus' name, amen.

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