Gospel of Mark Chapter Five: Part Two

Introduction: A key idea in the Gospel of Mark is that Jesus is the servant of God. Today, we hope to discuss Jesus' prerogative (i.e., right or privilege) over sickness and death.

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Read Mark 5:21-43
3. Over Sickness and Death.
Jesus makes His way back to a large crowd in this section of the Gospel of Mark. There He is approached by a synagogue leader whose daughter is seriously ill.

Jesus was making His way towards the sick girl and healed a woman with a bleeding problem. He went and raised the girl from the dead with His inner circle disciples.

Applications –
- Godly Health Stewardship.
Notice in vs. 26 that money doesn't always lead to healing. As important as health insurance is, it is no guarantee of health.

There are too many who think that because they have the money to pay for insurance and medicine that they are alright.

The truth is we should live obedient lives, which includes stewardship of our health, instead of thinking that God is optional. Let's work on godly health stewardship.

- Staying Focus on God’s Will. Notice in vss. 31, 35, 38-40 of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark that in spite of several distractions, Jesus stayed focused.

The ignorance of His disciples, insensitive men, hypocritical mourners, and challenging circumstances were no match for Jesus' resolve to do His Father's will. Let's work on staying focused on God's will.

Those closest to us can get amnesia and mental blocks at the most in opportune times. People can be so insensitive and hypocritical in the most challenging of circumstances.

Being clear about God's will, feeding our resolve with positives, and starving the attention that we give to negativity will help us in this area.

- Faith Development - In vs. 34 of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark notice the importance of having faith in God. Without faith it is impossible to please God (see Heb. 11:6).

Faith is an important part of God blessing our lives. We develop our faith by studying and obeying God's word (see Rom. 10:17; Jm. 2:17). The fellowship of other believers can be helpful as well. Let's work on developing our faith.

The Importance of Sensitivity. - Notice in vs. 35 of this section of the Gospel of Mark that there were some insensitive men. Let's work on our sensitivity skills and behavior.

When people are sick, we need to be careful about our visiting and sanitation. When our members are lonely, we need to try to reach out. When bereavement comes, we need to express our condolences.

Romans 12:15 teaches us to mourn with those who mourn. And Galatians 6:7 teaches us that we will reap what we have sown.

- God is Working Things Out. Notice in vs. 36 of this section of the Gospel of Mark that Jesus reassures Jairus (jeh-ir'-us) that things will be alright.

There are many who hear the Word of God preached and taught, but need some reassurance along the way. As in Mark 4:14-20, there are satanic birds, stones, and thorns that distract believers from hearing and obeying God's word with peace of mind.

Let's work on encouraging and reassuring one another that God is working things out for the good of His people (see Rom. 8:28).

- Leader’s Inner Circle. In chapter five of the Gospel of Mark notice in vs. 37 that Jesus took His inner circle of disciples on the given assignment.

Almost inevitably, a leader will develop an inner circle – those he/she chooses to do above average assignments – those he/she trusts with that which is not simply assigned to anyone.

First, let's pray for the leader's discernment of who should be in the inner circle. The closer an evil person is to the leader the more harm can be done to the leader and the followers.

Second, let's not be envious of those in the inner circle. Getting the job done and the effectiveness of the team are more important than who has what title and who sits closest to the leader.

Third, if you are in the inner circle, remember that to whom much is given, much is required. Being a deacon, trustee, minister, superintendent, cabinet member, or teacher is much more than carrying a title.

Service is the price that we pay for the seats that we occupy. Let's work on trusting God with the issues related to the leader's inner circle.

- Discernment. Notice in vss. 38-40 of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark that there were those who went from mourning and weeping to laughing and ridiculing. Tears cannot be trusted.

Let's work on discerning the reality of people, by their fruits, not simply by what they say. Hateful, stingy, lazy, rebellious, and biblically illiterate people who claim to be disciples of Christ or mature Christians, are very suspicious.

- God’s Time Table. Notice in vs. 43 that God has a time table or schedule by which He wanted news of the resurrection shared with others.

Let's work on obeying God's instructions. There is a way that seems right to us, but the ends there of are the ways of death (see Pro. 14:12).

Obedience is better than sacrifice (see I Sam. 15:22). Even when we don't understand the Lord, we need to trust Him enough to obey Him.

Conclusion: Let's work on being servants of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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