Gospel of Mark Chapter Five: Part One

Introduction: A key idea in the Gospel of Mark is that Jesus is the servant of God. Today, we hope to discuss Jesus' prerogative (i.e., right or privilege) over demons as well as sickness and death.

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Read Mark 5:1-20
2. Over Demons.
In this first section of the Gospel of Mark Jesus arrives in the region of Gerasenes (ger'-a-seens). There He finds a man with an evil spirit. Jesus cast the demons out of the man and allowed them to get into some nearby pigs.

The pigs ran off cliff and destroyed themselves. The people in the area were afraid and asked Jesus to leave. Jesus left and told the healed man to be a witness among his family.

Applications –
Clean Spirit.
Notice in vss. 2-5 of this fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark that the man with an evil spirit had three telling signs. He lived among the tombs, which are focused on the past.

He was unruly. And he caused harm to himself. There are those who do much more than appreciate the past; they are stuck in the past. There are those who are right at the brink of being anti-structure.

They use "let the Spirit lead you" as code for disorder and "good," instead of "great." There are those who cause great harm to themselves by way of poor eating, lack of exercise, and going to the doctor, in addition to smoking, getting drunk, and at-risk behaviors.

Let's strive to have a clean spirit. A clean spirit appreciates the past, but it press towards God's future expectation. A clean spirit strives to live at peace with others and conduct itself with decency and order.

A clean spirit strives to take care of its health, because it understands that the body is the Temple of God.

Trust God. Notice in vs. 13 of chapter five of the Gospel of Mark that Jesus allowed the demons to go into the pigs and allowed the pigs to destroy themselves by running off the cliff.

When we finish with all of our speculations, we must admit that we don't understand why Jesus did this. However, even when we don't understand God, let's strive to trust Him.

Prayerful Bible study and obedience with the support of others will help us trust God.

Spiritual Problem. Notice in vs. 15 that Jesus healed the man's spiritual problem. The idea of spirituality is concerned with the values and beliefs that governs one's behavior.

We learned from the the Gospel of Mark that whatever spiritual problem we have, God can fix it, if we trust Him. It is a spiritual problem to live a life that is centered around anything other than God's will.

It is a spiritual problem to live a life that is not focused on obeying God's will. Let's make sure we have accepted Jesus as our savior by faith and strive to submit to His lordship. In so doing, God will heal our spiritual problems.

Fellowship with God. Notice in vss. 15-16 of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark that the people were so afraid and maybe they were upset about losing so much money with the 2,000 pigs that they asked Jesus to leave.

Let's not allow our fear and love of money to contribute to us missing out on our fellowship with God. We must work to overcome our fear of circumstances with faith in God. God can handle our circumstances, if we trust Him.

And God can make our circumstances worst, if we don't trust Him. We must overcome our love of money with love of God. God can and will provide for His people. Money without God's favor will always leave us unsatisfied.

God’s Agent. Notice in vs. 18 that Jesus doesn't stay where He is not wanted. He gives especially His leaders similar instructions (see Mt. 10:11-16). The Gospel of Mark teaches that it is a privilege to have God's agent in your presence.

Let's learn to appreciate the gift of gifted people that God sends our way. We should appreciate them, instead of rejecting them, taking them for granted, or acting indifferent towards them.

This is applicable for not only the Pastor but also for music staff, ministry managers, teachers, and other faithful workers around the church.

Away Ministry. Notice in vs. 19 that Jesus sends the healed man home, instead of on an "away" assignment. There are some who prefer to do "away" ministry, instead of home ministry.

Home can be difficult because people remind us of what we used to be, are resentful of what God is doing in us, and sometimes remind us of who we really are, under our masks.

"Away" ministry can be exciting because we can have somewhat a fresh start with more receptiveness. However, we learn from the Gospel of Mark that God is the author of our assignments.

Let's learn to obey God in whatever He tells us to do. God can and does call us to do several things at the same time. God calls us to be godly family members, church members, and community members all at the same time.

Read Mark 5:21-43
3. Over Sickness and Death.
In this section of the Gospel of Mark Jesus makes His way back to a large crowd. There He is approached by a synagogue leader whose daughter is seriously ill.

Jesus was making His way towards the sick girl and healed a woman with a bleeding problem. He went and raised the girl from the dead with His inner circle disciples.

Applications –
Family Troubles.
Notice in vss. 22-23 of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark that being a leader in the church does not exempt us from troubles.

We can do well in the church and still suffer from sick children, fractured marriages, and community discrimination. Let's be in prayer for our leaders who have lives outside of the church.

And as leaders, let's make sure we stay prayed up about not only our church ministry but the ministry of our homes.

Conclusion: Let's work on being servants of God. God has much for those who obey His will.