Gospel of Mark Chapter 12 Part 3

Introduction: A key idea in the Gospel of Mark is that Jesus is the servant of God. Today, we hope to discuss Jesus' teaching concerning His deity, pride, and giving.

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Read Mark 12:35-37
7. Concerning His deity.
In this section Jesus talks about the deity of the Christ. Christ (i.e., the anointed one) is above, not below, David. The people are delighted.

Applications -
- Jesus above David.
Notice in vss. 36-37 of the Gospel of Mark that the scriptures teach that the Christ is above David. Jesus is the Christ, the anointed One. Therefore, Jesus is above David and all human leaders.

We should never mistake Jesus for being just another Bible character. Jesus is the Savior and Lord. Let's live like we understand that Jesus is above all others. Such living should be noted for obeying God's will for us to love Him, ourselves, and others.

Read Mark 12:38-40
8. Concerning pride.
Jesus talks about the pride of the teachers of the law in this section of the Gospel of Mark. They do things to be seen. Sever punishment awaits them.

Applications –
- Right motives.
Notice in vss. 38-40 the importance of making sure your motives are right. We learned from this section of the Gospel of Mark that you can do the right thing for the wrong reason and end up being punished, instead of blessed.

For example, we can serve in the church to please people, instead of pleasing God. You can marry a person for money, instead of because you believe it to be God's will. Let's make sure our motives are right.

There is nothing wrong with clergy wearing robes, sitting in the pulpit, or at the head tables; however, when they do this for just selfishness, instead of as a representative of God and God's church then their hearts need to be revisited.

Notice that some like to pray long prayers, essentially because they like to be seen, not because of the part the prayer plays in the worship. For example, the devotional prayer should be short and focused on thanking God for allowing us to gather and asking for His blessings on the gathering.

The altar call prayer is the long intercessory prayer. When you hear a deacon praying a long devotional prayer, it often has to do with wanting to be seen, wanting to be unruly, or simply being untrained or untrainable to do all things decently and in order.

- Direct teaching. Notice in vss. 38-40 in this section of the Gospel of Mark the direct teaching of Jesus. Jesus didn't talk about irrelevant information. He related His teachings to the things that were going on around Him.

In vss. 35-37 He talked about the inaccurate teachings of those around Him. In vss. 38-40 He teaches about the pride of the religious leaders around Him.

In like manner, preachers and teachers need to preach and teach how God's word relates to what is going on around them and those who are listening. What Pharisees, immature believers, and unsaved church goers call meddling and fussing may well be what we see Jesus doing in His direct teaching style.

Let's seek God's wisdom and courage to apply God's word to what is going on around us. Instead of being offended by the word, we should all strive to live by it. Instead of being offended by tithing, since you are a robber, you should strive to tithe and be blessed for obedience.

Instead of being offended by loving and greeting one another with a holy kiss or sign of affection, since you are grumpy and anti-social, you should strive to love one another and be blessed for obedience.

Read Mark 12:41-44
9. Concerning giving.
Jesus sat opposite the offering area. He comments on the giving of people. We see in this section of the Gospel of Mark that Jesus says the woman who gave out of her poverty gave more than the wealthy.

Applications –
- Teachable moments.
Notice in vss. 42-43 that Jesus was known for taking advantage of teachable moments. As people of God, let's work on being sensitive to teachable moments, as we strive to minister to people.

Current events, magazine articles, and day to day happenings can provide great opportunities to minister to people. For example, the death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was a time to remind ourselves that Jesus, the King of kings, was still alive.

The defeat of king Labron, a basketball player, was a time to remind ourselves that the King Jesus will not let us down.

- Proportionate giving. Notice in vss. 43-44 of the Gospel of Mark God's perspective on the proportion that is given. God is not looking for equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

$100 is not much for some. But it is a huge amount for others. However, 10% is equal and fair for all. 10% of little is little. 10% of much is much. Let's work on giving God at least 10% of what He has given us.

A reason for asking for set amounts like $100 for the church anniversary and $5,000 for the 2014 campaign is for the sake of setting a measurable goal that many can reach. However, we often make mention that each person should do the best that he/she can.

It is strange that many take "do the best that they can" and do less than what is asked, but hardly ever does anyone do more than is asked. When God looks at how much we give, what is His commentary?

Conclusion: Let's work on being servants of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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