Gospel of Mark Chapter One
(Part 2)

Introduction: A key idea in Gospel of Mark is that we should be servants of God. Today, we hope to discuss Jesus’ preaching and His power over a demon and disease.


Read Mark 1:14-20

B. His Preaching. After John was put in prison, Jesus started preaching. He also began to call His disciples. The four disciples in the Gospel of Mark text followed quickly.

Questions/Applications –

What should believer do, in light of how God works on His own time table, as seen by Jesus’ starting to  preach, when John was being imprisoned?

- Notice in vs. 14 of this section of the Gospel of Mark that after John was put into prison then Jesus began to preach. God has a master plan that often times don’t make sense to us.

We don’t know why they could not work together. We don’t know why God did not keep John out of prison.

What we should know, however, is what God is calling us to do. We should do it with deliberate speed, because we don’t know how much time we have.

Now is the time to be the best spouse/single, best officer, best member, and best community person that we can be. Let’s use the time that we have wisely.

What should believers do, in light of both the importance of developing disciples and developing our own discipleship?

- Notice in vss. 16-17 of the Gospel of Mark that as Jesus walked, He saw and called His disciples. The disciples quickly followed the One who was concerned with making them fisher of people.

On one hand, let’s follow Jesus’ example of developing people. All of us will have to die one day; however, the work goes on.

If there are no workers, it is going to be difficult for the work to go on. Let’s work on calling/recruiting and training disciples and workers.

On the other hand, let’s be like the disciples who left all that they were doing to do what God wanted them to do.

Whenever God calls us from something to something else, we can rest in knowing that we are moving from good to great. God’s way is best for us.

Unlike our text, God rarely calls us from our job to do volunteer work. The best way to know God and His will is to prayerfully study His word. His word teaches that if we don’t work, we don’t eat.

Read Mark 1:21-28

C. His Power. 1. Over a Demon. Jesus was teaching in the synagogue here in the Gospel of Mark. The people were amazed by His authoritative teaching. He cast out an evil spirit. News about Jesus spread quickly.

Questions/Applications –

What should believers do, in light of the importance of the church being a teaching, learning, and living place?

- Notice in vs. 21 that Jesus was in the teaching place and He was teaching. We should be in the teaching place also.

We should be focused on learning and living. There is a problem when supposed worship doesn’t lead to study and obedience.

Worship may be code for entertainment or zeal without knowledge. Let’s be a teaching, learning, and living people of God.

What should believers do, in light of the importance of dealing with disorderly spirits?

- Notice in vss. 23-26 of this section of the Gospel of Mark how Jesus handles the disorderly spirit. Even though the demon knew who Jesus was, he was out of order.

He did not have the floor, and it was not time for him to share such information. Jesus rebuked him and cast him out. Let’s strive to stay in our lane, so we don’t have to be rebuked and cast out.

And let’s seek God’s wisdom, courage, and energy to rebuke and cast out those act like demons.


Read Mark 1:29-39

2. Over Disease. Jesus ends up in the home of Simon and Andrew in this section of the Gospel of Mark. He heals Simon’s mother – in - law. He heals and casts demons out of many. Jesus was up early in the morning praying.

Simon and others found Him and sought to get Him to respond to the people. Jesus focused on His mission to the larger area.

Questions/Applications –

What should believers do, in light of how people get sick and God heals sometimes? 

- Notice in vs. 34 that people get sick and the Lord can heal. First, even though some are sick because of their sins, all sickness is not caused by sin. Our bodies are not made to last forever.

Let’s do what we can to live  according to God’s will, which includes taking care of our health, while also understanding that sickness may come.

Second, God can health our bodies; however, many times He doesn’t. We should thank God for healing us when He does. However, we should keep trusting Him, when He doesn’t.

Third, as for the gift of healing, I have my doubts about such. If you have the gift then you ought to go to the hospital, and heal the sick.

I think the gift was for a time of catching people’s attention. However, God can still do what He wants to do, in spite of my suspicions. Let’s work on living by the word, instead of chasing after miracle workers.

What should believers do, in light of the power of word-of-mouth?

- Notice in vss. 32-33 the power of word-of-mouth.  We should work on using the power of word-of-mouth to fill the Lord’s house with disciples who can go out and help others get saved and grow in the Lord.

If we used the power of word-of-mouth, this huge building could not hold us in three to five years. Our current 400 would be 800 in one year, 1,600 in two years, 3,200 in three years, 6,400 in four years, and 12,800 in five years.

The only thing that keeps us from growing so rapidly is our excuse making and rebellion against each one reaching one. Let’s work on using the power of word-of-mouth for the glory of God.


(stop at vs. 34)


Conclusion: Let’s work on being servants of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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