Gospel of Mark Chapter Six: Part Three

Introduction: A key idea in the Gospel of Mark is that Jesus is the servant of God. Today, we hope to discuss Jesus prerogative in relation to feeding five thousand, walking on water, and over sickness.

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Read the Gospel of Mark 6:30-44
7. In Feeding the Five Thousand Men.
The Apostles came to talk with Jesus about how things were going with their ministries.

They tried to get away, but the crowd followed. Jesus taught the people and then performed a miraculous feeding of over 5,000 men.

Applications –
- Spiritual discernment.
Notice in vs. 37 that even the Apostles/disciples can lack spiritual discernment. We ought not to think that our titles always indicate our level of spiritual discernment.

We can have a great title and yet not understand what God is doing. Let's work on developing our spiritual discernment.

We can do this by prayerfully studying God's word with a mind to obey and the support of other believers. Sometimes we may not discern the mysteries of God. However, if we obey God's revealed will, we can trust God with all mysteries.

In other words, let's not become so concerned with discerning the mysterious that we over look the revealed will of God.

- Following instructions. Notice in the Gospel of Mark 6:38-44 that following instructions is essential to God being glorified with great works. There are too many who lack the humility to be instructed on what to do.

Some are bold and arrogant enough to outright resist and challenge. And some are passive aggressive and willfully ignorant.

God is still able to do great things for people, if those who claim to be in love with Him would learn how to follow instructions that are given by the leader that God sends. God almost always speaks to the church through the Bible and the Pastor.

If you cannot follow these agents of God's communication, you may be a part of the problem. Let's work on following instructions, so God can be glorified by great works today. The great works are for God's glory, not for our bragging rights.

The great works for today can be souls being saved, the hungry being fed, businesses being developed, and families being strengthened.

- Eating habits. Notice in vs. 42 that the people ate until they were satisfied, instead of filled. Taking care of our health is essential to living the Christian life. A great deal of being healthy has to do with what we eat and how much of it we eat.

We don't have to eat until we are full. We should eat until we are satisfied. Five or six meals a day is often healthy for us than eating three of fewer meals a day.

Five or six meals mean that we need to eat enough to satisfy us for a few hours, not the rest of the day. Let's work on healthy eating habits.

Read the Gospel of Mark 6:45-52
8. In Walking On Water.
Jesus sent his disciples ahead of Him by boat. Jesus spent some time in prayer and was on His way to meet them on the other side.

The disciples were so afraid, when they saw Jesus walking on the water, that He got in the boat with them and calmed the wind.

Applications –
- Planning for prayer and pondering.
Notice in vss. 45-46 that Jesus planed ahead for time to pray and ponder about what the Father would have for Him to do.

If we are not careful, we can get so busy doing stuff for the Lord, for our loved ones, and for ourselves that we make no time to talk with God.

Just like we plan for many other things that are important to us, we would do well to plan time to talk with God and revisit the relationship between what God is calling us to do and what we are actually doing. Let's make time to pray and ponder our living according to God's will.

- Feeding our faith and starving our fears. Notice in the Gospel of Mark 6:48-51 that we can allow fear to overcome our faith, in spite of our title and position with God. The disciples who had just cast our demons should have had enough confidence to deal with their supposed demon on the water.

Sometimes things can come at us so quickly, and we can be so distracted with other matters (e.g., relational, health, financial, and community issues), that we forget the power that we have in dealing with our circumstances. Thank God faith and fear cannot dominate the same personality.

Therefore, let's feed our faith and starve our fears. We feed our faith with prayerful study and obedience with the support of other believers.

And we starve our fears by not allowing negativity to take a seat in our minds. A great way to "not think" about the negative is to exhaust ourselves in thinking about the positive.

Read the Gospel of Mark 6:53-56
9. Over Sickness.
Jesus and His disciples landed in Gennesaret. There they encountered a great crowd of people wanting to be healed by Jesus. All who touched Him were healed.

Applications –
- Witnessing.
Notice in vss. 54-56 that witnessing led to a great crowd of people being healed and blessed by God. When we go from week to week without inviting and trying to bring people to God's house to be blessed by God, we are a part of why we have so many empty seats, in the church.

God can still heal the sick. God can give us peace and joy, when He doesn't heal us the way we want to be healed. The lack of a crowd is not caused by God's weakness but may have more to do with our lack of witnessing.

Let's make sure we are faithful in inviting and bringing loved ones and others to God's house to be blessed by God.

Conclusion: Based on this study in the Gospel of Mark, let's work on being servants of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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