Getting Ready for the Next Victory (Part 1) - Waiting For Mighty Warrior

(Judges 6:11-18; Pas. Baines, Jr. 10/2018)

Introduction: God has something better for His people. However, we often need to learn some lessons along the way. This discussion centers on how, “We should let the Lord use us in the war.”

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Key Points:

1. The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. Notice in Judges 6:11-12 that the Angel of the Lord calls Gideon “mighty warrior,” while he was still hiding and dealing with all of his challenges.

The Lord says some rather positive things about saved people in passages like John 1:12-13 (i.e., children of God), Romans 8:37 (i.e., more than conquerors), and Philippians 3:20 (i.e., citizens of Heaven).

We should fight off the influence of negative comments about us, by keeping our minds focused on what God says about us (see Num. 13:33b grasshoppers; Pro. 23:7 as a man thinketh; Pro 4:23 guard your heart). Let’s focus on what God knows about us. 

2. The Lord wants to use us in the war. Notice in Judges 6:12 that Gideon is a mighty warrior for war. In like manner, God is calling saved people into spiritual warfare (see Eph. 6:12).

The devil is working against everything that God is doing in and through our lives. Let’s focus on our duties with our whole armor on (see Eph. 2:10; Eph 6:13).  

3. Some have financial and relational challenges. Notice in Judges 6:11 that Gideon had the financial troubles attached to trying to process wheat in a wine press. He had the relational troubles of dealing with the wicked Midianites by himself.

First, many of us have financial challenges. Many earn too low, spend too high, and have too little wealth accumulated.

Second, many of us have wicked people in our lives. Some of the wicked people may be in our family, on our job, in our communities, and even in our churches.

Third, some feel as if they are dealing with their wicked people all by themselves. Let’s be mindful that we and others are subject to having financial and relational challenges.

4. Some behave as if they doubt God’s promises and are limited to their own ability. Notice in Judges 6:13,15 that Gideon talks like he doubts Gods’ promises. And he talks like he must do the assignment by himself.

First, many of us may be tempted to wonder, “Why does God allow things to be so hard in our lives”? We should remember that God is not duty bound to explain Himself to us. Our sins lead to pain. And we should focus on doing God’s will (see Jn. 3:16 salvation and Mk. 12:29-31 two chief commandments), instead of trying to figure God stuff out.

Second, we are tempted to behave as if we must do all of the work by ourselves.But as in the text, God both sends us and accompanies us. I Jn 4:4b teaches that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Let’s live like we trust God’s promises and companionship. 

5. The Lord is still waiting. Notice in Judges 6:18 that the Lord declared that He would wait on Gideon. First, we should rejoice about God loving us so much that He would wait on us. God is giving somebody here a little more time to grow up and trust and obey His will.

Second, we should not keep the Lord waiting too long. After all that God has done for us today, we should be like Isaiah who said, “Lord here am I, send me (see Isa. 6:8).” Having the crucified, resurrected, siting, and returning Son of God should help us to not keep the Lord waiting too long.

Having the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit who comforts, guides, and convicts us should help us to not keep the Lord waiting too long. Having the sovereign plan of God that is working for our good (see Rom. 8:28) should help us to not keep the Lord waiting too long. Let’s work on serving the Lord, now, instead of keeping Him waiting. 

What is one thing you will take from this session and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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