Finishing Your Journey (Part 2): Godly Grit

(Judges 8:4-12; Pas. Baines, Jr. 2/2019)

Introduction: As we think about our journeys coming to an end, most of us want to finish strong. This series will give us some helpful principles related to finishing our journeys. The thesis for this discussion is, “We should work on godly grit.”

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Key Points:

1. We can run into some disappointing people on our journey. As in Judges 8:4-8, we can run into some people who disappoint us. In church, there are those who could help but don’t. Think about those who could do a better job with inviting and trying to bring others with them to worship and study periods, with being loving and participating in worship, and with supporting the church’s community involvement. But they don’t.

Think about how in your personal life, there are those who could help with at least moral support. There are those who could help African American business and political agenda. But they don’t. Some are as fearful as those in John 12:42-43. Let’s be aware that we can run into some disappointing people on our journey.

2. We should support God’s work. Unlike those in Judges 8:4-8, we should support God’s work.  God has blessed us to be a blessing to others both in the body of Christ (see Rom. 12:5) and in the world (see Mt. 5:13-16).

In the body, we should be known for our worship, giving, loving one another, and helping one another grow in the Lord. In the world, we should be known for our evangelism and community involvement. Let’s make sure we are supporting God’s work.

3. God will handle those who mistreat His people. Notice in Judges 8:7-9 that Gideon talked about paying back those who had been mean to him. We should not use this text to justify our being vindictive with those who have been mean to us. 

Passages like Romans 12:20; Matthew 5:44 teach us to be kind to those who are hateful to us. But thank God, God will handle the evil doers. Psalm 23:5 reminds us that God can prepare a table for us, in the presence of our enemies. Let’s work on trusting God to handle those who mistreat His people.

4. We should exercise godly grit. Notice in Judges 8:10-12 that Gideon stayed focused and kept pressing forward with finishing his journey. He did not allow his feelings to stop him from being faithful.

In like manner, we should resolve that no matter how disappointed or frustrated we may be with people that we are going to remain faithful to God. Passages like I John 4:4; Romans 8:37 give us some encouragement. Let’s remember that we should be faithful, even when frustrated.

5. Jesus’ example. Passages like Philippians 3:13-14 urges us to press for the prize that God has set before us. When we think about all that Jesus went through for us, we should be willing to go through our disappointments and frustrations for Him. It may take some forgetting and straining, but the prize is worth the trouble. Let’s work on pressing for Jesus’ sake. 

What is one thing you will take from this session and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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