Remembering Your Fellow Sufferers can Help You Resist

Fellow sufferers, in the article, is a reference to other believers who are going through something similar to or worst than what you are going through.

In our text (i.e., I Pet. 5:8-11), Peter first of all urges his readers to resist the devil. And then he haves them to know that God will restore them, after they have suffered a little while.

We don’t spend much time talking about resisting the devil. And every now and then we need to remind ourselves that we all must suffer, but we have some hope also. In this devotional series, I want to suggest that we should work on resisting and suffering with hope.

In this particular devotional, let’s focus on resisting. As big and as bad as the devil may be, we are not helpless. We must not allow him to simply have his way with us. Nor should we simply pray for God to make the devil leave us along. Our text urges us to resist him.

Notice the four ideas included in resisting the devil. We are to be self-controlled, alert, firm in the faith, and aware that others are suffering like we are.

Our text suggests that resisting the devil calls for being aware of our fellow sufferers. There are others who are suffering like we are. The devil loves to isolate us and make us believe that we are the only ones going through what we are going through.

You are not the only one with financial problems, health challenges, and relationship drama. You are not the only one who wrestles with lust, have to fight the temptation to curse, and have to walk away from heated conversations to keep from saying or doing the wrong thing.

However, Peter has us to know that we have brothers and sisters who are suffering like we are. Therefore, let’s resist the devil’s message to us that says, we are weaker or stronger than everyone else.

The truth is that all of us are stumbling and falling up the King’s highway. No one is just strolling along with no problems. Not even the Pastor (smile). We all have some up days and some down days.

And if we not only stay aware of this but help one another along the way, our up days can be sweeter and our down days can be fewer. Oh, how I look forward to us realizing at a deeper level that we are all in this thing together.

Romans 12:5 taught us that we are all members of one body and members of one another. We can do more together than we can separately.

Together, as fellow sufferers, we can pray and cry with one another through the roughest of times. But separately, we are easy pickings for the devil.

Self Examination
1. On a scale of one to five, with five being high, how well are you doing with understanding that we are fellow sufferers?

2. What are you going to do to improve in this area, within the next week?

Great and awesome God, I praise You for being a God who is more powerful than any satanic influence that I will ever encounter. I thank You for Your marvelous plan for Your people. I thank You for saving me and allowing me to be numbered among Your people.

I confess that I have not been as aware of the suffering of others, as I should have been. I have often focused all of my attention on my own suffering and neglected the suffering of others. Please forgive me for these and my many other sins, in the name of Jesus.

Please help me to be more mindful of my fellow sufferers, as a way of resisting the devil. Thank You, in the name of Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. Please complete the feedback form below.

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