Are You Feeling Guilty? 

“Feeling guilty” can be a huge problem, if it is not dealt with in a healthy way. You may feel remorse about not being a better parent, … not being a friend in the time of need, … being unfaithful to your spouse, or … some mean thing you did to some one who made you angry.

Some people have tried to silence the pain of guilt with alcohol, business, or even sex. Others are known for shouting about how guilty they feel, but they don’t do anything to change. And yet there are others who allow them selves to be mistreated as some kind of self imposed penitence or price for their misdeeds.

Stop Feeling Guilty: A Christian Approach presents a step by step process for moving from feeling guilty to enjoying the life that God has planned for you. If you prayerfully read this book and apply the material, you will discover that there are so many blessings with your name on them.

Or you may know someone who is really feeling guilty or down on themselves. You ought to let them know about this book.


Benefits of the book

- You will be given seven principles for improving your life, specifically in the area of lowering your feelings of guilt. 


- You will receive an empathetic discussion of what makes people feel guilty and some unhealthy ways of dealing with feelings of guilt.


- You will be given a Bible based approach to overcoming feelings of guilt with a focus on doing God’s will and being who God is calling you to be.


- You will obtain 21 devotionals that will help you stay focused on carrying out your self-improvement plan.


- You will receive access to the material almost immediately through your digital reading device.


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