Your Faith Development is Crucial

Faith development, as used here, is a reference to building up your confidence in God's taking care of you. It is your working on being more confident in God having a blessed plan for those who belong to Him.

In James 1:12, James has his readers to understand that believers are likely to have some trials that they are called to endure with hope in the promised crown of life.

The key idea throughout this series of devotionals is that we should remember that the crown is greater than the enduring of the trials.

In this devotional, let's focus on faith development. One of the major things that helps us endure the trials of our lives is the feeding and development of our faith. We should feed our faith by reading and meditating on God’s word (see Ps.119:11).

Bible Study and Sunday School are times for making deposits into our spiritual banks. If we make not deposits then we can make no withdrawals, in our times of trials and needs.

However, as important as Bible Study and Sunday School are, my most profitable times have been with just the Lord and me. I pity the one who calls himself or herself a Christian but have not grown to make regular time to read and meditate on God’ holy word.

I am a witness that His word can give you strength in your weakness and joy in your sorrows.

we should feed our faith with the sweet songs of Zion – Christian music. As much as I may love, "Amazing Grace," I have enough sense to know that times are changing. What helps my faith development may not feed my children or even my members’ faith.

And so when I come to church, I have to come open to God feeding me and you should come open to God feeding you anyway He wants to feed us.

If He wants to feed us through the praise team, devotion, senior choir, or children's choir, we ought to be open to whatever God wants to do. We should be careful not to miss the blessing that God is sending because we are distracted by style issues.

Prayer feeds our faith. When we pray for ourselves, have others pray for us, and when we pray for one another, there is faith development.

Christian fellowship feeds our faith. There is so much power in two or three people of like minds standing on the promises of God.

Self Examination
Of the several ways mentioned, which way helps you the most in developing your faith?

What will you do to develop your faith even more?

Great and awesome God, the God who patiently waits on me, while I work on my faith development, it is to thee that I pray.

Thank You for the faith that I have. Thank You for the hope that my faith can be developed even more.

I confess that I have not always behaved as if I had much faith. Sometimes I have complained and doubted, as someone who does not believe that there are crowns after my trials. Please forgive me for this and my many other sins.

Please help me to feed and develop my faith. Thank You for doing what is best, in Jesus' name, amen.

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