Estate Distribution: Is Your Plan in Order?

Estate distribution, as used in this article, is a reference to giving your assets to those to whom you desire after your death. Below you will find several helpful scriptures, tips, and a link on this subject matter.

Notice in Psalms 24:1 that we are reminded that the whole world belongs to God. We are simply stewards of that which is owned by Him. Luke 19:12-27 teaches that, if we are profitable stewards then God will bless us. However, if we are not profitable, we are subject to punishment.

Hebrews 9:27 teaches that all of us must die one day. One day we will be finished with striving to be profitable down here. Proverbs 13:22 supports the idea that when we die, we should strive to leave an inheritance for our grandchildren.

I would add the importance of leaving money for your church, so ministry can go on, in your memory and because of your benevolence. In order for this to happen, diligence must be given to estate planning.

Here are three practical tips for all of us.

1. Study the issues related to distributing your resources. Become familiar with terms like joint tenancy with rights of survivorship, wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, power of attorney, living wills, durable medical power of attorney, probate court, and the like. Click here for a great articles on the subject.

2. Secure good advice. Find a good advisor. Ask friends for referrals, study the internet, and interview candidates for education and experience. These matters are so important that you would rather spend a few dollars and make sure you have it right than to try to save a few dollars and discover that your resources are still not being passed out as as you would like.

3. Let's get our houses in order as soon as possible. James 4:17 teaches about the sinfulness of procrastination. You may be reading this article with a mind to plan out your estate one day. What I am saying you, "yes" you (smile), is that today may be the last day that you get. Do it now!

In summary, the Bible teaches us to be profitable stewards who give diligence wise estate distribution. We should speed up our efforts to learn about and put in order our estate plans.

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