Fearless Teaching #12 - Doubting God

Doubting God is one of those things that Christians are just not supposed to do. However, the truth is, we are often tempted to doubt God, especially when troubles come that simply make no sense to us.

Introduction: I believe this series of studies will help us be stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. A key idea throughout this series is to be fearless (i.e., in relation to this world) and faithful (i.e., in relation to God’s will). This series of teachings is based on the above mentioned book (By Max Lucado. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2009).

The format of the teaching will feature summary highlights of the chapter, some discussion questions and points, and pastoral comments. Students are encouraged to purchase the book; however, these class notes will be sufficient for the intended studies.

Chapter Twelve – The Shadow of a Doubt

Summary Highlights -

- Fear that God is Not Real (see Luke 24:38). Jesus countered the disciples doubt of His resurrection with Bible study (see Lk. 24:27, 44-45; p. 141) and interacting with them. The results were the disciples hearts were burning within them (see Lk. 24:32).

- The Church is the body of Christ (see Eph. 1:22-23). As people touch local churches, they touch Christ. "Christ distributes courage through community; he dissipates doubt through fellowship (p. 144)." When we are doubting God, we are called to calm our doubts with God's word and people; prayerful study and fellowship.

Discussion Questions and Points –
1. Discuss a time in which you were tempted to engage in doubting God.

2. Have you found the Bible and the church helpful in dealing with your doubts? Explain.

3. How can we improve our helping one another with the temptation of doubt, in our Bible studies and fellowship?

Pastoral Comments –
- There are times when God doesn't make sense to us. And if we are not careful, there will be times when we even wonder if there really is a God. The Bible and the church can be great resources to help us nurture our faith in God.

In the Bible, we discover that there are people who have gone through what we are going through, and many in the Bible have gone through even things that are worst than what we are going through. In the Bible, we discover that God doesn't always move according to the desires of those in the text. In fact, some faithful people are killed in terrible ways (see Heb. 11:35-37).

In church, we ought to be able to build relationships that support our striving to live faithful lives. Real testimonies and application focused teaching and preaching can be very helpful in combating doubt. Let's work on finding strength in the Bible and our church as well as help others do the same.

Conclusion: It is my prayer that this material has not simply been interesting. The hope is that you have prayerfully studied it and engaged in some serious soul searching. The ultimate aim is for us to be doers of God’s will – mature disciples of Christ. Let’s continue to work on being both fearless (i.e., in relation to this world) and faithful (i.e., in relation to God’s will). God has much for those who obey His will.

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