Do Your Part 

(Judges 5:23; Pas. Baines, Jr. 10/2018)

Introduction: Especially in war, inactivity is sin. As God punished sinful inactivity in our text, He is subject to do the same today. This discussion centers on how, “Especially in war, we should avoid the sin of inactivity.”

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Key Points:

1. There is spiritual warfare going on.  Notice in Ephesians 6:11-12 that there is a spiritual war going on. As in the text, there is something fighting against our enjoying what God has for us.

One of the reasons it is so hard for us to have personal wellbeing (i.e., happy, healthy, and wealthy), great relationships (i.e., family and friends), and meaningful contributions (i.e., loved ones, jobs, churches, and communities) is because the devil is fighting against us.

Let’s live like we know that we are in a fight. This kind of living should be known for staying prepared and doing our part in the fight. 

2. God will win the war. Notice passages like I Peter 5:10 and Revelation 20:10 teaches that God will win the war. As in the text, we can trust God to finish the good work that He has started in us. We may lose some battles, but the war has already been won.

Let’s live like we know who wins the war. This kind of living should help us to life up our heads and press our way, despite what we see right now.  

3. We are saved to serve. Notice Ephesians 2:8-10 teaches that we are saved to serve. As in the text, each one of God’s people have something to do in God’s program.

Think about how there is so much to do in our families, communities, and churches. Let’s work on finding and doing the service that God expects out of us. 

4. Failing to serve is punishable sin. Notice in Judges 5:23 that Meroz is cursed for failing to serve. There are too many who are not guilty of fighting against what God is doing, but they are guilty of not supporting it.

Passages like James 4:17; Luke 12:47-48; Proverbs 18:9; Matthew 12:30; and Matthew 25:41-46 all support the idea that failing to serve is a punishable sin. Our lives are challenging enough without God sending pain and withholding blessings. Let’s live like we believe that God punishes a failure to serve. 

5. Why do so many fail to serve? Notice in Judges 5:23 that we have no explanation for Meroz’s inactivity. The following seem as if they are possible reasons for Meroz and many of the inactivity people in our churches today.

First, some fear choosing the wrong side. We should stand for the Lord and trust Him to handle back lash. Second, some want a special invitation to serve. We should humble ourselves and serve where we are needed.

Third, some are so distracted by the inadequacies of people (e.g., Barak’s refusal to serve without Deborah). We should learn to trust God’s ability to get the glory out of whomever He allows to sit in the seat.

Fourth, some simply say let someone else do it. We should want to do our part, in whatever we are a part of. And fifth, some just don’t care enough. Most people will not say that they don’t care, but the fruit of their behavior tells the story (see Mt. 7:20). Let’s avoid all reasons for not serving the Lord. 

What is one thing you will take from this session and work on, regarding your discipleship goals?

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