Do Your Part: The Cursing of Meroz

(Judges 5:23; Dr. Baines, Jr. 9/2019)

Introduction: Especially in war, inactivity is sin. As God punished sinful inactivity in our text, He is subject to do the same today. This discussion centers around how, “Especially in war, we should avoid the sin of inactivity.”

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Key Points:

1. There is spiritual warfare going on.  Notice in Ephesians 6:11-12 that there is a spiritual war going on......Let’s live like we know that we are in a fight.

2. God will win the war. Notice passages like I Peter 5:10 and Revelation 20:10 teaches that God will win the war. …..Let’s live like we know who wins the war.  

3. We are saved to serve. Notice Ephesians 2:8-10 teaches that we are saved to serve...... Let’s work on finding and doing the service that God expects out of us. 

4. Failing to serve is punishable sin. Notice in Judges 5:23 that Meroz is cursed for failing to serve......Let’s live like we believe that God punishes a failure to serve.

5. Why do so many fail to serve? Notice in Judges 5:23 that we have no explanation for Meroz’s inactivity......Let’s avoid all reasons for not serving the Lord.

What is one thing you will take from this material and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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