Dishonoring God

(Numbers 20:1-13 Dr. Baines, Jr. 12/2019)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s lesson is that we should work on being obedient to God, instead of being frustrated by the people. This discussion centers around how, “we will be challenged to work on more obedience and less frustration."

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Summary Highlights: The people of God traveled to the Desert of Zin. Miriam died and was buried there. The people complained because there was no water. Moses and Aaron went away from the assembly.

The Lord talked to Moses and told him to speak to the rock, and the Lord would cause water to come out of the rock. Moses hit the rock twice, and water did come out.

The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, after the people received water from the rock. He told them that they would not lead the people into the promised land, because they did not trust God. They did not honor the Lord with proper behavior.

Key Points:
1. Death preparation.
Notice in vs. 1 that Miriam died. We all must die. .....Let’s make sure we are ready for our date with death.

2. Bad attitudes. Notice in vss. 3-5 that the people complained and quarreled with Moses about the lack of water...... Let’s work on being patient and helpful, instead of complaining and quarreling

3. Getting away from the assembly. Notice in vss. 6-7 that Moses and Aaron got away from the assembly, so they could hear God. .....Let’s make time to hear and God’s will for our lives.

4. Going too far. Notice that Moses went too far in vss. 10-11. He called them rebels out of apparent anger, instead of godly wrath. .....Let’s work harder on controlling ourselves, so we don’t embarrass God nor ourselves.

5. God’s displeasure. Notice in vs. 12 that God was displeased with Moses’ actions. The actions showed a lack of trust in God and lack of honoring of God. …... Let’s work on pleasing God, instead of displeasing Him.

What is one thing you will take from this material and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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