Discussion Notes

Discussion Notes are provided for the sake of helping especially growth group members to have a constructive conversation about the material at hand. What follows are discussion notes that are based primarily on sermons that I have preached. 

By the way, a growth group is a group of about 10 people who meet on a regular basis (i.e., weekly for about 13 weeks) to encourage one another to grow in their discipleship and discuss how to live by God's word. 

- Rebuilding Part 3 - Doing the Dirty Work - Nehemiah 3:14

- Rebuilding Part 2 - Serving With Our Status - Nehemiah 3:8

- Rebuilding Part 1 - Doing Your Part - Nehemiah 3:5

- Obadiah Ministry - I Kings 18:3-7, 12, 16

 - It is Decision Time - Joshua 24:14-15

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