Disappointments Can Tempt You To Weep

Disappointments, as used here, is a reference to how you feel when your expectations are not met. A key idea in this series of devotionals, "Rejoice Instead of Weep," based on Ezra 3:10-13, is that "We should rejoice more than we weep."

In this devotional, let's focus on how disappointments with your life situation can tempt you to weep. You may be like the woman who thought that she would have a spouse who would be her lifelong partner and friend by now.

She thought that she would have children and there her children would be great contributors to the community and bearers of their own children.

But here she stands with no husband and no boyfriend. She has drug addicted or under achieving and unappreciative children. She believes that her best years are behind her and the future does not seem to be very promising.

You may be like the woman who looks at where she is at, in comparison to where she thought she would be, and feel tempted to weep.

Or you may be like the man who thought that being on the honor roll in high school and having dreams of being a profitable business owner, a great politician for his community, or a great lawyer for the weak was certain.

He thought that because he was tall, dark, handsome, strong, smart, and hard working that he would sweat a little bit, but he would reach his goals of making a positive and significant contribution to his community and have good money in his pocket.

However, here he stands with a felony record, children born out of wedlock, and a job that he cannot stand going to. You may be like the man who looks back at his dreams and look at his current life situations and feel tempted to weep.

We will look at how to overcome the temptation to weep with our rejoicing, in future devotionals. However, let me tell you now that God has a plan that is working for your favor. If you focus on God more than your disappointments, you can make it.

Self Examination
1. List some of your unmet expectations that tempt you to weep.

2. What are you going to do to lessen the amount of weeping that you do?

God, the One who has kept me, in spite of my many disappointments, it is to You that I pray. Thank You for how You have never left me, even when I felt so alone.

I confess that I have ignored Your presence and promises on too many occasions. Please forgive me and help me to live in line with Your will for my life. In Jesus' name, amen.

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