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Providing you with quality and helpful Christian living information is our mission. You will benefit from my almost twenty years of senior Pastor experience, seminary education (Doctorate of Ministry Degree), and gift of making things simply (some times with a pinch of humor - smile).

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Inspiration for Those with Enemies
Inspiration For Those With Enemies
How To Stay Focused
7 Tips For How To Stay Focused
Dealing With Difficult Poeple
A list of helpful artilces for dealing with difficult people
Time Managment Tips
Top 7 Time Managment Tips
Christian Personal Financial Management
Christian Personal Financial Management - Teaching Notes and Scriptures
Christian Growth
Do you understand Christian growth, and are you focused?
Fearless Teaching Notes
Rich Christians
Rich Christians Resources
Christian Devotionals
Keep feeding your faith with Christian devotionals
Sunday School Material
Sunday School material for teachers and serious students
Discussion Notes
Here you will find discussion notes for various growth group/discussion sessions.
Bible Study Notes
Bible study notes for teachers and students
Baptist Doctrine
Baptist Doctrine: Church Covenant and Articles of Faith
Christian Health
Do you know that taking care of your Christian health is an essential part of your Christian living?
Christian Finance
Do you know that Christian finance is a part of Christian living?
Praying the Scriptures
Praying the scriptures is an attempt to pray or talk with God
Holy Land Book
Holy Land Book
Back To Your Roots
Back To Your Roots centers around our trip to Ghana, Africa
Tribute to Dad
Tribute to dad ... this page is dedicated to a book a wrote to salute my father's life and legacy.
Christian Resources
Recommended Christian Resources
What's New on Christian Living Site?
Latest articles on Christian growth, devotionals, Sunday School and Bible study notes, and articles on health and finances.
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