Church Covenant: Teaching Three

Introduction: The Church Covenant should be read and reflected upon from time to time, as suggested by passages like Titus 3:8. Today, we hope to discuss the first three paragraphs of the Covenant.

Read Paragraph Four

Notice in this paragraph of the Church Covenant our commitment to one another, as members of this body of Christ and church family. We commit to strongly encouraging one another to be involved. We're not going to tear one another down. In fact, we are going to work on being easy to get along with. And we are going to strive to live to the glory of God.

Teaching Points –
- Hebrews 10:24-25 supports the idea of spurring and strongly encouraging one another to live right. We owe one another a certain level of encouragement and support.

It is an inditement against our church for someone to join as a baby Christian, if a Christian at all, and keep their name on our roster for one to three years without any growth or encouragement.

A better reputation would be that “those people bug you to death and try to make you do all of that studying, serving, and giving stuff.” Let's work on encouraging one another and supporting one another in our duty to live like Christians.

- I Corinthians 10:10 teaches against grumbling/murmuring – complaining without the intention of solving the problem God's way. Numbers 14:1-3, 26-35 teaches that everybody over the age of 20 were destroyed, because they kept running their devilish mouths.

If you have a problem, either step up and try to solve it, or sit down and be quiet. And stop letting people dump garbage in you. This makes you an accessory to the sin. Urge them to solve their problems or to be quiet or at least stop talking to you about it.

- Romans 12:10,13 supports the idea that the church family should be a family of love and kindness. We should not simply come to the home-going services of those we know. We should support all who suffer bereavement in our family.

We should show love to all of our hospitalized and troubled members, not just the big names. Work on showing love and kindness. “Cultivating Christian courtesy” includes smiling, shaking hands, learning names, and greeting people.

- Matthew 18:15-17 supports the idea of dealing with your problems. The witnesses are to simply observe, not advocate. The path to the church is through the officers and Pastor. Romans 15:1-4 supports the idea that there are times when the strong must bear the infirmities of the weak.

There are times when our duty to love and forgive trumps our right to be respected and acknowledged. So then, deal with your problems, or pray and leave them alone. But don’t be a part of keeping unrest stirred up in the church.

- Luke 9:23 is a good general scripture to support our striving to live a life that glorifies or brings glory to God. As we decide to deny and dedicate ourselves to following divine directions, God will be glorified. Let's work on being disciples all of the time, not just at church.

In summary, we have made a church covenant to build one another up, as opposed to tear one another down. We have committed to live in a way that glorifies God.

Conclusion: Let’s work on keeping our covenant/word. We would have such a great church and make such great positive impact, if we simply lived up to our Church Covenant.

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