Church Covenant: Teaching Two

Introduction: The Church Covenant should be read and reflected upon from time to time, as suggested by passages like Titus 3:8. Today, we hope to discuss the first three paragraphs of the Covenant.

Read Paragraph Two
In this paragraph of the Church Covenant, we covenant/agree to do great things like walk together in Christian love. We said we would strive for the advancement of this church. Among other things, we agree to give cheerfully, regularly, and proportionately. And we affirm our commitment to a democratic style of governance.

Teaching Points
- Malachi 3:8-10 supports the idea of the proportion for our giving being at least 10%. I Corinthians 16:2 supports the idea of proportionate and regular giving as well. We should seek the “advancement” of our church, not by going backwards and beneath 10%; we should strive to be a tithing and giving church.

- I Timothy 5:17 and Hebrews 13:17 supports the idea the Pastor is to rule the church. However, Mark 6:10-11 and Matthew 7:6 teaches against forcing what God has supplied on those who don’t want to receive it.

Ideally, God will speak to the Pastor, the Pastor and people will agree and execute, and God would be glorified. The reality is that there are times when the church is led astray by ungodly Pastors.

And there are times when the church is led astray by ungodly votes. But only what is done according to the will of God will be blessed. And all else will lead to punishment and lost.

Acts 5:29, 38-39 supports our saying “yes” to the Pastor’s leadership, unless he is leading you contrary to God’s Word. Let’s strive to agree to and execute God’s will.

In summary, we covenant to walk together in love for the advancement of this church. We have agreed to put the church high on our list, as we work on things like worship, ordinances, discipline, and doctrine.

We have agreed to give in the spirit of tithes and offerings. We have committed ourselves to being governed by the majority, with the realization that God has a plan for those who obey His will.

Read Paragraph Three
In this paragraph of the Church Covenant, we covenant to work on spiritual development. We agree to have family and personal devotion. We agree to diligently study the Word of God and seek the salvation of our loved ones. We commit to walking circumspectly and striving to live like a Christian everywhere we go.

Teaching Points –
- Psalms 1:2 teaches the importance of spending regular time in the Word of God. The three study questions and four study tools are designed to help with personal and devotional study at both a personal and family level. Deuteronomy 6:7 supports the importance of teaching our young people about the Lord.

The church can help the family; however, we cannot replace it. An added benefit of teaching young people is that it reinforces the lessons in our minds and lives. Let’s spend quality time learning and teaching the Word of God.

- I Thessalonians 5:22 talks about avoiding evil. Matthew 5:13-16 teaches that we are to make a positive impact in the world. Ways to positively impact the world include evangelism and living like a Christian.

The four statements in the “Plan of Salvation” are designed to help us with personal evangelism. Living like a Christian includes loving people enough to walk circumspectly or to consider the circumstances.

Some things are not evil, but we should love others enough to refrain from doing the things in question around them (see Rom. 14:13-23; e.g., playing cards, movies, dancing, a glass of wine or two, a beer or two, comedy clubs, etc.).

It includes being kind, just, and faithful in what we say we are going to do. We can also make a positive impact by being involved in helping our communities be more loving, just, and merciful. Let’s work on making a positive impact in the world.

In summary, we have made a covenant to work on our spiritual development on a personal and family level. We have agreed to strive to make a positive impact around us, by way of both evangelism and living like loving Christians.

Conclusion: Let’s work on keeping our word/covenant. We would have such a great church and make such great positive impact, if we simply lived up to our Church Covenant.

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