Christian Stress Management: Laugh Instead of Overeat Part Two - Jokes that Make You Laugh

By Daphene Baines

Christian stress management, as used in this article, is a reference to dealing with the irritations of life, in ways that are pleasing to God. There are too many believers who are too uptight, and as a result they overeat, which leads to causing harm to their bodies.

Make sure you visit our article on “Temple of God,” where we talk about six comparisons between your body and God’s dwelling place. For example, both were built by God, both are owned by God, and both require maintenance.

Also visit the first part of this article, "Christian Stress Management: Laugh Instead of Overeat," where we discuss the importance of laughing instead of overeating.

Among the points made in that article are the importance of passages like I Corinthians 6:19-20 and some of the humorous ways that we try to excuse our over eating.

In this article, I want to share more helpful information about laughing instead of overeating. As you can figure out, laughing is calorie free. In fact, you may burn a few calories while laughing. Another benefit of laughing is that it doesn’t cost you any money unlike food.

Below are some jokes taken from the book, The Best of the Good Clean Jokes, by Bob Phillips. I warn you that some of jokes are more corny than funny. Baby Food Question: Why do some babies suck their thumbs? Answer: They tried baby food. (Didn’t I warn you about corniness? – smile)

Backseat Driver "Daddy, before you married Mommy, who told you how to drive?"

Bare Feet Question: Do you know what happened to the pregnant lady who got frightened by the bear at the zoo? Answer: Her baby was born with bare feet!

Blind Two men were riding on a train for the first time. They brought bananas for lunch. Just as one of them bit into his banana, the train entered a tunnel. First man: Did you take a bite of your banana? Second man: No. First man: Well, don't! I did and went blind!

Camel Question: What do you call a camel without a hump? Answer: Humphrey!

I say again, too many believers are too stressed out. And too many respond to their stress by over eating, which often leads to weight gain and health problems.

Instead of damaging your body with overeating, work on laughing. Find something to laugh about every day. Keep a journal or folder of the best things you have found to help you on days when it is difficult to find anything to laugh about.

There are Christian joke books in the book store. As you can see above, some of the jokes are nothing to write home and tell others about.

However, sometimes, we have to stop over analyzing a situation and give ourselves permission to give at least a chuckle or smile. Laughing is a much better Christian stress management technique than over eating.

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