Christian Stress Management: 3 More Helpful Tips to Handle Pressure

Christian stress management is still needed in the times in which we live. If stress is not controlled, it can be harmful to the body. If Christians don't manage their stress, the body can experience headaches, muscle pain, body aches, limited sleep, and much more.

If you want to take care of the temple of God, in an effective way, learn how to manage your stress. Prayerfully the following three tips can help you practice effective Christian stress management.

Review of the first three tips: There are many ways to manage your stress. We previously mentioned that you must first know who you are. Then pray that God will help you recognize what is causing you stress.

Finally we looked at changing your perception (click Christian Stress Management: 3 Tips to Handle Pressure to see article). Let’s look at three more helpful tips to handle stress in a Christian way.

Three More Tips for Effective Christian Stress Management:
1. Humble yourself before God – I Peter 5:6 teaches the importance of humbling yourself before God, and when it is time, He will lift you up. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed, because we think we can handle everything ourselves.

Jesus taught in Matthew 18:2-4 that we should be humble like a child or submit ourselves, and greatness would be our reward. It is difficult to be humble, when you are known for being successful.

However, if you are concerned with controlling your stress, try this simple tip – see yourself as God sees you, a filthy rag (Isaiah 64:6), and stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Let Out Your Frustration – I Peter 5:7 teaches that we should cast our cares upon God, because He cares for you. Many people try to control their emotions and take the stress like a “man or woman.” Maybe you have heard that keeping things pinned inside will one day cause you to “blow your top.” Let it go and get out what is on your mind.

Yes, it is great having friends to talk to about your issues. However, many times friends just listen and can’t help. God understands your need to talk with others and also your need to pray to Him. James 5:16-18 teaches that a righteous man’s prayers can make a difference. So try letting your frustration out – talk with your heavenly Father.

3. Keep Your Guard Up - I Peter 5:8 teaches that you should be on the watch, because the devil is waiting patiently to devour or overwhelm you. This is a very important tip, because many of us let little things distract us, and this prevents us from being vigilant or watchful.

Don’t let health, family, finance, or other concerns keep you from keeping your eyes open and looking for that cunning fellow – the devil – to show up.

One important way to be vigilant is to remember that the devil has to do “undercover work.” He has no authority over Christians, we have authority over him. Jesus gave Christians power to destroy wickedness (see II Corinthians 10:4). In other words, we should be encouraged and know that we have been equipped to handle this cunning devil.

In conclusion: Remember that Christian stress management can be an effective way of handling stress, if we use it. Remember to be humble, let out your frustration, and keep your guard up.

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