How Is Your Christian Praise?

Christian praise is a reference to expressing your appreciation for the greatness of God. Singing, dancing, rocking, and other gestures are ways of expressing praise.

In II Samuel 6:12-16, 20-23, we see that David is praising God, as the Ark of the Covenant is being brought into the city of Jerusalem. His wife despises his commonness and considers it to be vile and shameful. However, David determined to keep on praising God anyhow.

When we think about how good the Lord has been, we ought to give Him Christian praise. And no matter who despises or looks down on us because of our praise, we should determine to praise Him anyhow.

The thesis (i.e., message in a sentence) of this series of devotionals, "Praise God Anyhow," is we should be mindful of praise, despising, and determination.

In this devotional, let's continue to focus on praise. David's expression of praise was a dance. When we are conscious of God's presence, we ought to feel duty bound to praise Him.

If we can give a standing ovation to basket ball players, as their season gets under way; if we can stand in lines to see candidates for political office; and if we can buy outfits, pay for hotels, and buy tickets to see singers and actors then, surely, we ought to give Christian praise to God.

Now dancing is good and there is nothing wrong with rocking or shouting out “amen, praise the Lord, or that’s right.” More important than one’s expression of praise, however, is one's having an attitude to praise God.

In other words, dancing without an attitude of praise or rejoicing about God is vain. Expressions of praise that are not unto the Lord are shameful.

So then dance, if you are moved to dance. Some of us might want to check with our doctors, before dance too much (smile).

Rock if you are moved to rock; and shout “amen,” if you are moved to do so. Whatever your expression of praise, make sure it comes from an attitude or spirit of praise.

Self Examination

List two or three ways that you express your appreciation for God's greatness.

How are you doing with expressing your appreciation for the greatness of God?

What are you going to do to improve in this area?


God I praise You for being such a great and awesome God. You are the creator, sustainer, and hope of all creation.

Thank You for showering seen and unseen blessings into the lives of my loved ones and into my life. Thank You for being much better to us than we deserve.

I confess my many sins to You, including my not always having my attitude as focused on praising You as I should. Please forgive me and help me to grow in this area.

Bless my loved ones and me to be what You are calling us to be. Have Your way in our lives, because Your way is best for us. Thank You, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Be Blessed,
Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr.

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